4.6 5 0 13 13 Bart Smoked Garlic Paste has been smoked over oak. This product is said to add a smoky, sweet depth to any dish, and retails in a 95g recyclable pack.
Bart Smoked Garlic Paste
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A must have staple
I always reach out to this product when cooking. Yes it’s nice to use fresh garlic, but this paste is so much more convenient and doesn’t compromise on flavour at all. I always make sure I have this in my fridge.
So smokey!
I love smoked garlic and use it a lot when I cook. Bart's smoked garlic has this perfect smokey flavour and is definitely a great choice!
wow if you love garlic like i do this is a must the Smokey taste adds another level to your food and its not overpowering at all. my goodness i love cooking with this and has made a few meals i have cooked taste even better. highly recommended
Packed a punch
Wowsers, if you love garlic and that heavenly 'smoked' taste to food this is a dream! Don't need too much as it can overwhelm a dish but my goodness me what a treat to add to a dish.
Unique flavour
It's something you would use in a gravy or soup, not for currys as it can be overpowering. It's convenient and stores well in the fridgenor freezer.
Great tasting, convenient garlic
Really convenient to have a pot of this in the fridge to use instead of ordinary puree. The roasted garlic gives it a more warming, earthy taste, great to add to meats and gravy.
Handy garlic in a jar
Love this, garlic heaven in a jar. I always use fresh garlic in my cooking but this takes garlic to a new level. Gorgeous sweet smokey flavour. Lots of uses - spoon into mayo, gravy, pasta sauces. It makes delicious garlic bread.
Cupboard essentials
This is now a permanent fixture on the shopping list. It’s so tasty and works with so many different meals. It also saves you Time on the chopping. You can pop it in food to give a lovely yet subtle smoky garlic flavour
Quick and simple
If you like home cooking and want to pep it up then this is what you need, ideal to add to a quick stir fry base pr even a quick and dirty pasta dish, it save the hassle of chopping garlic but isnt a substitute for it. This works really well just to stir in with some pasta with some black pepper and basil as a side dish for fish or something else, or just mix with some mash! The pasta trick works well with a BBQ! This is easy to use and is not as strong as live garlic this is a must for every kitchen cupboard!
Oaky Garlic
I really like this smoked garlic paste, it goes really well with most meals and has a nice subtle smell. It has a really smooth consistency and there is a good amount in the jar.
Taste lovely
Great to add into dishes Without the need of fresh garlic. Rich in flavour but not overpowering. Only a tablespoon and that's enough! Would say if you don't have fridge space it's a little difficult but otherwise longer lasting and less waste! Would recommend trying.
I really want to try this product,I love garlic in general but I never try this one
I've not tried, but it sounds so good can't wait to try it out when it comes in the supermarkets.

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