4.5 5 0 624 624 Make everyday your runway with Batiste dry shampoo. This multi-award winning hair hero is the perfect quick fix for great looking hair, even between washes.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical
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Great for my fringe
I use night cream on my face every night and my fringe gets greasy quite quickly, and I don't want to wash my hair every day so this is a saviour in the morning. I just quickly spray, brush my hair and it's perfect. I love the sweet scent as well.
Miracle worker
Smells great. Handy to have for those days when your hair is just slightly greasy. Helps to make it fresh and smell wonderful
can't live with out it
I work for the NHS and early morning starts this is a hod send
Always to hand
This is one of those products that you should always have on hand. A great pick me up dry shampoo that doesnt leave a residue and smells great too
I used dry shampoo and I liked this solution very much, e.g. when I was in a hurry and did not have time to wash my hair, dry shampoo always saved the situation, my hair looked clean in a few minutes but unfortunately I got dandruff after prolonged us
This brand makes the best dry shampoo on the market, although some of there scents are not for me this one is, it reminds me of a holiday smell, this product leaves your hair looking an smelling fresh.
Fantastic smell, but I don't feel clean!
Ok, I know that this isn't an actual replacement for washing you hair, and it really is super handy in an emergency, but I found it quite unpleasant to use. My hair felt horrid after using it, and I had to think carefully about what I was wearing as it made it look like I had dandruff if I had a dark-coloured top on. On the plus side, it smells incredible! I just can't get on with the feel of it, and it made me want to wash my hair immediately afterwards.
Does it’s job!
I used to use dry shampoo all the time. It’s not great for your hair so I’ve stopped using it as much now but this I’d definitely my favourite. It had the best scent out of the range and smells amazing! Like most dry shampoos it does leave white bits but they’re easily gotten rid of and better than brands who claim not to make you’re hair white as they usually make your hair sticky which this does not.
Fave one
This is my favourite scent of this range. Does a good job of dry shampooing my hair but don’t use it too close to you’re head!
Works well at absorbing grease from hair but left a lot of unsightly flaky residue on my scalp. Smelt great and was a good fast solution for greasy roots
The best dry shampoo out there.
Ok i have been to many a festival, camping trip, weekend away etc and sometimes you can't always wash your hair. But this dry shampoo, i have been using it for over 10 years now and it is awesome. It smells great, doesn't leave your hands feeling dirty, nice coverage, no random white flakes if you move your hair either.
My favourite
My favourite go-to dry shampoo. Doesn't leave you looking like you have dandruff and I love the smell, perfect for when you want to couple more days out of a wash!
Highly recommended
I love this product refreshes hair leaving it looking as tho you have washed it .easily sprayed and blended into hair bringing it back to life without leaving the white spray like other dry shampoos do
another hair favourite
i have used Batiste Dry Shampoo lots of times and tried lots of different scents the Tropical sent is really zingy. Batiste dry shampoo is a quick fix for great looking hair for between washes when you hair gets a little greasy.
Good but less is more
I have gone a bit overboard with this is in the past and ended up with a head full of talc. Less is more, a little really does go a long way! Smells gorgeous though.

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