4.5 5 0 634 634 Make everyday your runway with Batiste dry shampoo. This multi-award winning hair hero is the perfect quick fix for great looking hair, even between washes.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical
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Fav dry shampoo
This is my favourite dry shampoo, works well but does leave a white residue which you need to brush out.
Unpleasant feel afterwards
I was tempted by this stuff purely because of the great smell and the idea of convenience when you're in a tight spot for time. I wish I hadn't bothered – it leaves your hair feeling horrid afterwards and if you're not careful you end up with 'grey patches' in your hair. Plus it looks like I've got dandruff because it slowly falls down onto my clothes during the day.
Mainly love this because of the smell, smells good all day which is good between shampoos. Does work quite well as a dry shampoo too, but white powder does come off the scalp a lot (looks a little like dandruff which isn't great)
A great item to tie you over
When my daughter was in hospital for 3 days and i didnt have access to a shower, this was a lifesaver as i usually wash my hair everyday. It meant i felt my hair was clean even though i couldnt wash it
I really rate this dry shampoo, it's so easy to refresh my hair without having to wash it everyday! It's great for taking on camping trips and days when I just need a little refresh for my hair. Its not sticky and it leaves my hair smelling lovely.
Good product
It's a good dry shampoo with a nice coconutty scent. I have dark hair and no problems using this - make sure you brush through after applying to your hair, or apply to your hair brush and brush through for a lighter application. Good for adding texture and volume to my fine hair.
Love this
I love this product always use it once or twice a week when my hair feels dry. It smells amazing as well.
Smells nice
This smells nice but it really isn't for brunette hair. It leaves a ashy residue behind that is very hard to blend in with your hair if its brown or red. It would probably work great on blondes though.
I don’t really like it!
I don’t know if I just use this wrong or because I have brunette hair it’s not so easy to use but I just find it doesn’t really make my hair look or feel any better and I end up washing it anyway! It smells nice though!
This product was very good. Made my hair feel so fresh and left it in brilliant condition.
Great for my fringe
I use night cream on my face every night and my fringe gets greasy quite quickly, and I don't want to wash my hair every day so this is a saviour in the morning. I just quickly spray, brush my hair and it's perfect. I love the sweet scent as well.
Miracle worker
Smells great. Handy to have for those days when your hair is just slightly greasy. Helps to make it fresh and smell wonderful
can't live with out it
I work for the NHS and early morning starts this is a hod send
Always to hand
This is one of those products that you should always have on hand. A great pick me up dry shampoo that doesnt leave a residue and smells great too
I used dry shampoo and I liked this solution very much, e.g. when I was in a hurry and did not have time to wash my hair, dry shampoo always saved the situation, my hair looked clean in a few minutes but unfortunately I got dandruff after prolonged us

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