4.5 5 0 562 562 Make everyday your runway with Batiste dry shampoo. This multi-award winning hair hero is the perfect quick fix for great looking hair, even between washes.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical
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Smells devine
Love dry shampoo, especially being a busy mum! This one smells lovely, however I prefer the tinted one as I have brown hair.
I tried this for days when my hair looks a bit greasy. It works perfectly and does exactly what it should. Try not to spray too close to the head to avoid white powdery patches.
The batiste brand has to be my favorite in terms of dry shampoo. I’ve been using it for years, and other alternatives just don’t compare. This doesn’t leave that awful grey streaky mess in your hair, nor does it leave bits of residue. It absorbs the grease in your hair and leaves it looks fresh and washed
Great value for money
I really like this dry shampoo as it smells fantastic and works very well. I have used other dry shampoos that I have preferred slightly however this one is cheaper and better value for money as it lasts a lot longer.
A must-have
Absolutely love this dry shampoo! 😁 I have fine, thin hair which gets greasy quickly and you don't need very much of this dry shampoo to make it better again, I have also found it gives my hair a bit of volume too 😀 This tropical scent is amazing, reminds you of a summer day especially when its cold & wet outside....we can pretend 😉
Handy when on the go
Comes in handy when on the go. I work away alot so it comes in handy when I am travelling. It has a lovely smell. The only negative would be that if I use to much it can look quite powdery and sometimes abit greasy. Would recommend overall.
A staple in my bathroom cabinet!
This dry shampoo is a must staple in my bathroom cabinet. The scent makes me feel like I’m on holiday so can get you through any kind of day. Definitely a time saver!
Life saver product!
This product is great if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to wash your hair! A few sprays and the grease has gone! I use dry shampoo on a weekly basis
Lovely smell
I suffer with very oily hair and Batista dry shampoo is my life saver for me, I can go extra day without washing my hair and still look great. It really refreshes the look and feel of my hair and I don't need to wash my hair daily like I used to do. Love this product and highly recommend it.
Love this Dry Shampoo
I love Batiste Dry Shampoo. They all smells amazing. I have pretty oily hair, so it's a life saver for me, I can go extra day without washing my hair and still look great. It really refreshes the look and feel of the hair. Just a bit of product can go a long way. If you in a rush and hair looks a bit greasy it does a miracle. Also it lasts for a while and there is wide range to choose from. Love this product. Highly recommend it.
Weekend break must have!
If you travel frequently then you must take this product with you! Ditch the shampoo that's likely to leak all over your bag and clothes and don't use those nasty hotel shampoos. Fantastic for a long weekend break when time is to short to spend drying your hair anyway especially for those of us with long hair
Could not be without this!
This product has been a lifesaver! Freshens up your locks and makes your hair look fresher for longer. If I’m Running late and have no time to wash my hair this is my go to product. Huge product range to suit everyone
The best !
I've tried numerous dry shampoos so I can go a little longer between washes. I've concluded that this is by far the best !! Smells lovely, very effective at roots. And brushes through easy too.
Great for a quick fix
This is by far my favourite brand dry shampoo, this one and all the other fragrances work like magic. It's a quick fix on those days your hair needs washing but you dobt have time, or for some extra volume. I would say you need to make sure you rub the product into your roots once applied to make sure you dont leave a faint grey phew of it on your scalp.
I love batiste dry shampoo
I love this dry shampoo because it leaves my hair feeling like its washed and fresh. However it leaves a powdery residue which makes my hair look white but I shake it off. I would recommend this because it is pretty useful whenever you need to use it!

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