4.5 5 0 391 391 Make everyday your runway with Batiste dry shampoo. This multi-award winning hair hero is the perfect quick fix for great looking hair, even between washes.
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Don't forget to pack one in your suitcase
Batiste has been a trusted product for many years and this "Tropical" version envelopes you in a hazy, Summer holiday smell. It's not just good for greasy hair - in the heat of the sun my scalp can get sweaty, and this does a fantastic job of mopping it up, so I can look good even on the beach.
Life saver
Highly rate this product as it is so easy to spray on in the morning to hide the fact you are too lazy to wash your hair! You can get some greyish patches but it all depends on how close you apply it. I do find it slightly expensive as a student so rotate between this and an own-brand version but I would buy this every time if I could.
Great Product
Smells Great!! Hides greasy hair well on days you cannot be bothered to wash your hair. Highly recommend.
Amazing Product
Im a daily gym goer and I also recently got hair extensions. That involves a lot of hair washing. First tried Batiste dry shampoo 2 weeks ago and can honestly say Im delighted with it. So quick and easy to use and very effective. It means I no longer have to go through the hassle of washing and blowdrying my hair every day. I love the smell and its a great price too.
Beautiful smell
I use this product very often. It smells amazing and I can keep my hair looking nice in between washes. Definitely one of my emergency go to hair product
Too strong
It is still as useful as the original one but this has a very strong smell. Too strong I would say.
Smells lovely
This dry shampoo works well and it’s good value for money. But leaves a grey tinge to your hair.
Very good and makes your hair not greasy however adds a white/grey tinge to your hair... Smells very good
The best dry shampoo
I've tried plenty of dry shampoos from other brands but this is by far the best. I use it for festivals, holidays and when the weather is really hot. It's also quite cheap which is great and a little goes a long way. I get my hair dyed blonde so this product is invaluable so that my hair isn't dry from having to wash it so much. I have recommended it to friends on many occasions!
Smells amazing
I absolutely love this scent smells summery and lasts for ages. It also works amazing for days when I am in a rush.
Smells lovely
This dry shampoo works well and it’s good value for money. It smells really nice and the packaging is really pretty! Definitely recommend. Could come in even bigger sizes, perfect for a quick fix
Great dry shampoo
This product is really good and does what you need it to do whilst smelling gorgeous. It’s good at quickly getting rid of greasy roots however I feel isn’t as good as the volumising one of the same brand as that one gives you a bit more lift. You also have to give your roots a good scrub to get rid of that grey look. Overall a good product.
My must have hair product
I have a daughter who is very reluctant to have her hair washed each night at bath time, so to save on the drama i use this inbetween hair washing. Saves her tears and stops my stress levels raising. Does the job when her hair is lacking shine and smells amazing to.
Great product
I used this weekly and it is my go to product. It always works every time!
The best dry shampoo!
I use it regularly. It smells amazing, it gives your hair volume and I love that you only need to use a bit for it to go a long way. Just make sure you blend it in properly!

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