4.5 5 0 673 673 Make everyday your runway with Batiste dry shampoo. This multi-award winning hair hero is the perfect quick fix for great looking hair, even between washes.
Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical
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Lovely smell
That's my favourite one. Lovely smell, and easy to apply. Love it.
This dry shampoo smells lovely and fruity, and the smell lasts all day. It does make my hair looks a lot cleaner once applied but sometimes I feel it can take a while for the whiteness to die down
WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT BATISTE! brilliant product that is so quick and easy to use, increases days between hair washes 10 fold! love it, wouldn't be without it
Beautiful hair, beautiful product
I really like Batiste dry shampoo, I have tried alot of different dry shampoos, but this has got to be the best one so far. Batiste itself does alot of great dry shampoos but the smell of this one is just gorge!! It really lifts the hair and doesn't make it white with clumped product, the hair stays free and fresh looking. It's helped me out a few times when I've stayed out and needed a fresh hair look. Completely recommended. It makes your hair just gorgeous.
One of my favourite smelling Battiste dry shampoos!
Ive tried lots of different dry shampoo brands in my time but none of them have worked like they say they do. I've always went back to Battiste and for the past few years I've stuck with them. This brand of dry shampoo, over the years, I've found to be the best. It does exactly what it says on the tin, makes your hair smell lovely, is so quick and easy to use and is great value for money. They have such a big selection of fragrances to choose from and I find the tropical one to be so nice when I'm in the mood for this fragrance. The only reason I didn't give the full five stars is because I personally find a couple other fragrances smell that bit nicer, with the cherry one being my absolute favourite!
Affordable and smells great!
An affordable go-to dry shampoo! The tropical one smells like pineapples which I love! Only minus is that it sometimes leave a white cast on dark hair.
My favourite dry shampoo! Always smells fresh and lightens up the weighty feeling!
Life saver
It's a really life saver when you are always in a rush. Leaves hair feeling light and clean. Plus, it smells really nice
Great product!
Really good product and smells amazing! Makes hair feel fresh again. Definatly recommended!
Nice smell
This dry shampoo works and has a nice smell. However, it is very easy to accidentally overdo it and end up with white patches on your hair - especially noticeable if your hair is dark! It also starts to feel a little itchy by the end of a long day but fine for a night out and does give hair a good volume.
Good but white marks
I love batiste products and regularly use them - as I have a darker hair colour I do end up with the white powder look but I usually spray the dry shampoo on and leave it for about 10/15 minutes to soak in or brush the remainder through and this generally gets rid of most of it. It is a lifesaver on a non-hair wash day!
A hair staple
I do like batiste products and I have always purchased their dry shampoo over any others. I like the smell of the tropical shampoo compared with the others but it still does leave a white cast in my hair. I haven’t found another to combat this which is why I’ll carry on with Batiste.
Does the job!
When shopping for dry shampoos, bastille is my go-to. I have tried cheaper brands and always have trouble with the spray bottles, then I have tried more expensive brands and barely notice a difference in my hair. Bastille dry shampoo always does the job intended, it may leave a white residue but this goes as soon as you brush it through. Will always use this brand. The tropical one also leave a nice fruity scent!
The OG of dry shampoo
Everytime I use this dry shampoo people comment on how lovely I smell. The coconut scent is to die for. I have never found a better dry shampoo and I have tried many! Batiste is the best brand for hair!
Good in a Fix
Does what it says on the Tin, I didn't like the smell however it is good when your in a fix. I also find it dry's out your scalp and will only use this for a quick trip out before my head becomes itchy and dry.

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