3.7 5 0 211 211 Benenox is a unique and patented combination of honey, Sustamine® and Vitamin B6 which, when taken at bedtime, helps you make the most of the next day. Benenox is ideal for people on the go, those facing daily pressures and those with busy and demanding schedules. When taken at bedtime, the special combination of ingredients will work overnight to help improve energy levels and psychological function the following day.
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It makes me feel better. My mind is open, I can thinking better :-)
Couldn't stand the taste and didn't make much difference to my sleep
Amazing results overnight
I must admit I never thought I needed something like this till I tried it. Leaves me revitalised and refreshed the next day. Good for a good nights sleep too as leaves you relaxed as well.
Keeps me going!
I really didn't think it would work, but it did! I woke up easier and clearer in the mornings, and didn't get the usual late afternoon slump. I didn't realise how much of a difference this product was making until I didn't take it for a couple of weeks.
Works wonders!
This really relaxed me and helps me to fulfil my sleep.
Sleepy head
This product is really good it promotes sleep so you feel nice and rested when you wake up ready for another busy day
It does work
Both my wife and I find this to work, although if you take it but don't have a very long sleep it doesn't work. It's not a sleep replacement treatment, you still need an adequate number of hours sleep. My only issue is that I keep forgetting to take it! I have this on monthly subscription via Amazon.
Needs a little tweeking...
I tried this product and I have to say it needs a little improving. For the first 2 days of taking it I didn't feel much different in the morning. I am breastfeeding and I'm usually very tired when I go to bed and even worse when I wake up in the morning. On the 3rd day though it was definitely kicking in. I woke up and didn't feel I'd been beaten with a stick all night as I usually felt previously. 😂 It definitely works as an overnight recharge. However I wouldn't go as far as categorising it as a food supplement. I realised as well that if you take the 15mls as prescribed by the time it starts working you're already halfway through the bottle which lasts about a week so it'd be pretty tricky if you intend on using it for long. Also, the flavour wasn't really blackcurrant but more like honey (maybe a little too much 😬). Overall it works pretty well just needs improving on the flavour and texture.
Good nights sleep
I was unsure that this would work however from the first night I had a very good nights sleep. I wouldn’t say it makes me feel refreshed in the morning but obviously the sleep helps.
Great product!
Felt really refreshed in the morning and my skin felt super soft! Can't live without it! Great for after a night out when your skin is dehydrated from alcohol too!!
AMAZING! I will recomend for everyone. Really works!
I do feel slightly less tired after taking Benenox
I suffer form long term sleeping problem which makes me very tired the next day. I tried Benenox for two weeks which does seem to make a difference. I feel less tired and I do hope if I carry on with this product it will improve my energy level.
good hgfd produit 1254875655244 thank you benenox o
I struggle to sleep at night so would be really nice to test this product.
I would like to try this product it looks like a very good product.

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