3.6 5 0 266 266 Benenox is a unique and patented combination of honey, Sustamine® and Vitamin B6 which, when taken at bedtime, helps you make the most of the next day. Benenox is ideal for people on the go, those facing daily pressures and those with busy and demanding schedules. When taken at bedtime, the special combination of ingredients will work overnight to help improve energy levels and psychological function the following day.
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Very good
Sleep what a fantastic product Had years of restless sleep and now my sleep pattern has change for the better a bit expensive 1 bottle last's for one week...
Nothing special
Very sweet, I used it for a month and did not notice and improvement.
This product left me feeling very energize the next day.
More restful and refreshing nights sleep
Whilst it didn't seem to aid in me going to sleep quicker, it did seem to help me sleep longer and wake up feeling less tired. I'd say it definitely helped in providing a more restful and refreshing night's sleep. The taste is lovely also.
I think it worked well, made me feel quite recharged in the morning but I’m not sure if I’ll use this repeatedly.
Give it a go
I've only been using this for a short while but already I feel the benefits
Maybe need longer
I used this but did not feel any benefit.I will use it longer because maybe it takes time to work
Better morning
I am halfway through the bottle I have been using it and I’m feeling amazing I was really struggling a few wks ago and this is doing wonders
This is the most horrible tasting thing ever I thought go on if it helps me sleep the taste is gonna be short lived but no no sleep just a vile taste all night
This product seems to help. I take it most nights and have noticed a better quality of sleep and more energetic the next day, maybe the taste is not the best but i will purchase again
Very good just want free stuff from these lot. Ahhaha
I finished the bottle following instructions. I found this to have a calming effect , however, had no effect on my sleep.
No from me
I tried this and personally didn't work for me and I didn't like the taste.
Not many benefits and not a good taste
I tried this product as I was waking up very lethargic and upon hearing about this decided to give it a try for a few nights. The taste made me wretch as it did not taste of blackcurrant or honey but I would swill it down with some water and go to bed. It did not help with sleeping and, although I was able to get up a bit easier, I was feeling tired more quickly in the daytime. I wouldn't recommend unless you can keep it up for longer than I did or only have mild lethargy.
I'm an insomniac of 26 years and I thought this product would be the answer to my prayers, but no. I felt no effect. It may be useful for people with lesser sleep problems, but not me.

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