3.6 5 0 266 266 Benenox is a unique and patented combination of honey, Sustamine® and Vitamin B6 which, when taken at bedtime, helps you make the most of the next day. Benenox is ideal for people on the go, those facing daily pressures and those with busy and demanding schedules. When taken at bedtime, the special combination of ingredients will work overnight to help improve energy levels and psychological function the following day.
Benenox Overnight Recharge
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Save your money
In my opionion, this product does absolutely nothing. I felt no benefits whatsoever. Does nothing that it claims to. It is very sickly sweet and I fould it difficult to get rid of the awful taste it left.
Great product
The bennox has worked wonders for me,I feel alot more energetic and has made me feel great the benefits of this purchase are worth the price I have been alot more motivated and will continue to use the bennox.
Black Currant Goodness
I received this product to test a few months ago but I wanted to throughly test it and absolutely will be buying more...! I’m one of those on the go people who are in need for more time for a healthy balanced diet but don’t have the time 70% of days so I turn to supplements for an extra “top up” lol. I found that Benenox overnight recharge did exactly what it said on the box! The reduced tiredness and fatigue was a definite plus and the extra energy was a life saver during my 12 hour shifts... my skin also looks really healthy! Overall I give BENENOX overnight recharge a 10/10!
Not too bad
I tried for some time it helps with the nutrients but not so much with the sleeping
Felt very rested after using
This really worked for me. Felt visibility improvement.
Not good for sensitive stomachs!
Gave me diahorrea! Sorry! Made me feel ill with no benefit at all so would not recommend but it tasted nice...
It works wonders
I loved benenox, i wont say it works like magic and makes u sleepy but it did help me alot to calm down and relax, i still had a little trouble sleeping through and still woke up at night but i fell back asleep quicker and woke up feeling refreshed
Mrs nati
Very good product. Im so happy. The price is very good
good so ye buBuy it please I think it’s really good and useful so are you you should really use it so are the figure like the most about this product is how it works I think it’s really really cool and I would recommend it to all of my friends hello XTD DDD
Not 100% sure on the recharge but.
I slept like an absolute baby on this but I was left feeling quite lethargic in the mornings which I was quite disappointed about. Good for weekends when I don't have to get up early and rush about but no good on work days!
Stick with it to see results
Took 4 bottles to start seeing any benefits . I do have more energy and am less tired thru the day . Can notice a difference but nothing major my skin is looking healthier aswell
Benenox Overnight Recharge
I got this when we went to the Food Festival as a free item. I don’t think it personally had any effect on me. It’s not something I felt I needed but gave it a try. Probably not something I would buy.
Does work
For first few nights I didn’t find any benefit to the product and almost stopped using it but thought I may aswel finish bottle to my surprise it did work I slept better and woke feeling more refreshed and energetic would recommend
My Dream Job
Being always tried from my past job, I used Benenox a day before having an interview to a new job I really really wanted. English is not my first language and expressing myself while living in the UK can be tough. I used benenox the night before my interview, the next day my head was so clear and my thoughts was just pouring out to me that day expressing myself clearly given that the current job I had was driving me crazy tired. I was offered the job. All thanks to Benenox.
Great supplement
This is a great supplement, tastes nice too compared to some b vitamin supplements! Wake up feeling better I can definitely see he difference after a few days use

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