3.2 5 0 16 16 6 deep cleansing charcoal pore strips. See 3x less oil. Unclogs pores & draws out excess oil for the deepest clean.
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Very hit and miss
I found the instructions easy to follow but the product itself too be quite flimsy. I did not notice and visible improvement to my pores having used two boxes of this product. I was disappointed with this product.
Love the idea of these but did nothing for me apart from hurt when peeled off. However my husband has a lot of black heads in this nose and you could possibly see half of them removed after one go so amazing on him!
Best pore strips
I have recently tried these and they are brilliant, they are comfortable to wear and do a really good job of cleaning your pores. I would like a few more in the pack. Fantastic product I would definitely recommend
Not great
With these strips i found the best way to get a good result was that i had to steam and prep the skin first which was a bit of a long process. The end result after all that still wasn't great and made me feel like i wasted my time. The black residue afterwards is also a pain to wash off. I prefer the ultra deep cleansing ones instead.
They're good
I find it very hard to get nose pore strips as I find they stick but never bring anything out. The biore strips are one of the better ones I've tried. I'd say it's more an 80/20 sprite. 80% I find it does their jobs and 20% I find they don't bring anything up, which i find a little strange. When they do work they work great and do clean your nose pores. I do find they can be a little expensive, especially as you only get 6 strips but part from that I would recommend to give them a try!
Works well
This product works rather well however its not perfect. I have however yet to find a nose strip thats perfect, and this is the best I have used. It seems to remove a lot of built up grease and skin from the pores well, however can occasionally leave a residual residue which isn't great, so I usually have to we wipe over the nose when I am finished. Generally good but a bit pricey for only 6 strips. If its on offer, GRAB IT, if not...maybe wait a while till it is.
These are essential for weekly use. You won't believe the dirt clogged in your pores. Try it out.
Easy to irritate skin but effective
Tried a couple of different brands and as always Biore is one of the more effective ones I found. Like many brands it does irritate skin so I try to use it as little as possible.
I think this product is overpriced and over hyped. It doesn't work very well and i can buy a pack of six for a pound that works much better than this does.
Not as good as the original, while the original has trouble tackling my deep pores, honestly? These are rubbish. Avoid.
my skin has its bad days to help with my pores and oily skin would be great would love to try
Haven't tried these I have open pores around my nose area so would definitely give these a try
it looks good and seems to clean your pores out thoroughly as people are saying
haven't tried them but heard good things about brand and if can help with pores got to be a good thing
I have tried the standard pore cleaning products but it is a first with charcoal

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