3.3 5 0 31 31 6 deep cleansing charcoal pore strips. See 3x less oil. Unclogs pores & draws out excess oil for the deepest clean.
Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips
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Good product
I have used a few different brands and this one in my opinion is the best. It is very easy to apply, wait 15 minutes and be prepared to reveal blackheads free nose.
Worth it!
I've used the original strips before and they're nothing special, but these charcoal ones are much better and do the job.
It works for an immediate cleanse of pores
They work. They remove excess sebum however as with all these strips, it doesn't clean everything out and the pores will fill up again. I wouldn't recommend something so aggressive on the skin as a regular thing however. I am not convinced the charcoal does anything, it's just gimmicky. It's the adhesive nature that does the cleaning of the pores and not the charcoal.
This is easy to stick on, just wet your nose first, let it dry then peel off. It can be quite painful to remove. I have found that when I exfoliate the area first, slightly more blackheads are removed. It didn't remove all my blackheads, but my nose is nice and smooth.
Not as..
Not as good as the original, i quite often use products for blackheads because I suffer with the pesky things. I find these don’t stick enough and don’t pull out much when tearing them off however skin care products work differently for everyone so they are worth trying as they aren’t overly expensive.
Really good at removing blackheads
Really liked these. They really pull tonnes of gunk out of your nose, extremely well stuck on so your eyes water ripping them off. But it's worth the pain. I will definitely be repurchasing
These are probably the only brand of blackhead strips I’ve tried that actually work. I’ve tried all the diff versions from this brand and the amount of blackheads that comes out with this strip in comparison to others is second to none. Very impressive
These nose strips are easy to apply, and easy to peel with no skin irritation at all. Once you peel it off you can physically see the dirty pulled out on the strip and my nose area definitely feels alot smoother. However i have found that no matter how long you leave these on, they dont pull off as a whole. They do leave some patches of the sticky residue that needs to be washed off, meaning there are areas left untreated.
Didn't work. For me. Maybe some pores has taken but seriously not satisfied
Ok blackhead remover
This product works to an extent - it takes out some rubbish from your pores but it is quite painful to remove. It smoothed my skin but not worth the price!
Could be better for the price
Ok I’ve tried these multiple times. But they just aren’t all that for the money you pay. Yes, they get rid of some blackheads. But not enough really and especially considering how much it hurts to peel it off you think more would come. But, it’s ok. I would try different brands personally though
I didn’t think this product was good it didn’t do anything for blackheads or pores
These are easy to apply but hurt to remove you might find your eyes water. It was good to see what it pulls out however I feel like you need to do it everyday to see a difference in your skin.
It’s ok
I’ve used this a couple of times. The first time I was quite impressed with how easy it is and the effectiveness, where as the second time he end result wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Still left that part of my nose feeling ‘clearer’ though so still felt good.
Blackhead remover!
Loved this if you know how to use it then it works great - removed most of my blackheads and left my skin so soft - easy application wet nose and apply

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