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My kids loves those they just perfect for lunch or dinner they,with fish fingers or chicken nuggets,with ketchup or salad.In our home they always in the freezer whenever someone would like to eat them.
My three fussy children really enjoyed these they make a really convenient and tasty side
Can't do it again
My son begged me to try this omg never again I hated it but he loved it so I guess it's a love or hate situation not for me though best of luck
Great for something different
Omg I love waffles so much, now there's sweet potato waffles and I'm in heaven. Such a great taste in a familiar form so it's easy to trick the kids into trying something new. But really they're for me. Well done.
When is the bigger box coming??
We love these, i need the bigger box as this does not last, a few mins in the toaster and these are done. I love sweet potato and I love a waffle so putting these 2 together was a great idea
Kids loved them
I personally haven’t tried these, but my kids (ages 3 and 2) really liked them, it’s not often they clear their plates, but both polished them off.. it’s nice to feel like even when you’re only freezer food their still getting the nutrition they need.
Greasy and peculiar in flavour
I love sweet potato and thought what a great idea to make them into a waffle. After grilling the sweet potato waffle I was very disappointed to find they were very greasy and tasted nothing like sweet potatoes. Nobody in the family like them and would not buy again. Truly disappointed
A little different
Not something I would normally buy but I was pleasantly surprised by how light and fluffy the potato was in these waffles. I would by these again as a treat but prefer to stick to cooking from scratch
good food
nice ,healthy and testy ! always been my favorite good price as well in ASDA
Clean plates!
A fantastic and easy way to sneak a little goodness into dinnertime whilst the kids still thinking they are eating a normal waffle. They kids love these and there are always clean plates whenever these are given... Even for my fussy eaters.
We love them!
I bought these for the kids to try as a change from normal potato waffles. My 1 year old LOVES them and my very fussy 6 year old loves them too, big big in our house! Would recommend :)
These are amazing. So tasty and a quick and easy option for mealtimes while also being a pretty healthy option. Kids loved these.
Great for kids
I bought these to try with my children for their dinners and found them to be a great success!! They were a great hit and now they scour the frozen section of our local supermarket for a new box!!
Tasty and easy
These are so quick and easy to make and taste lovely, way better than the normal ones
Sweet potato Yes
It’s about time that birds eye do the sweet potato option for waffles. They taste lovely not sickly or too sweet. The texture the same has the originals and my kids really enjoyed them.

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