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Birds Eye Sweet Potato Waffles Frozen
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Tasty healthy waffle
My daughter's not really noticed my switch to the sweet potato waffles. They are very tasty, fluffy and crisp coating. Would definitely recommend the switch
I love Sweet Potato
I love sweet potato and was thrilled to find these in store, they tasted great and cooked quickly the only thing I will say is I was hoping that the outside would crisp slightly more than it
Sweet potato waffles
Brought these just because they were on offer and my children loved them and even asked for another best product I have brought in a long time and a great way to get sweet potato in them without knowing 😉
I'm the only sweet potato lover in our house, my kids would never eat their sweet potato I made them. When I seen these I definitely had to give them a try. They loved them and they don't have a clue that it's sweet potato. Really tasty! Definitely recommend
Something difficult!
I love sweet potatoes and I love the new products being brought out using them, but these are yummy! It’s nice to have something different rather than your usual chips!
My children loved it... really very tasty and yummy
Quite dry!
I brought these by accident however was quite excited to give them a try as something new! They cooked well and came out smelling delicious however then came the taste! They left quite a bitter aftertaste and were quite dry to eat! Perhaps over cooked but were cooked for the correct time! I’m not sure we will purchase again but it was nice to try something different!
Loved these so tasty and cook longer for them to he crunchy son dont Like them but i do
Too synthetic
It’s a no from Me really synthetically sweet and not crisp
No no no
I'm afraid no one liked these at all; we found them really odd tasting & pretty unpalatable; they didn't crisp up at all so not even a full one star from ne
Tryed I don't not like them was not nice think the color was of putting
Love it
Absolutely love them. Great taste and good for you too. My kids love them aswell. I just wish they were on offer more
Birds eye
Great sweet potatoes waffles, my daughter loves them
Exactly what you want from a potato waffle. Soft, succulent and delicious! Perfects for all ages.
Loved it
Has a great taste and also it's good for putting in fryer they are lovely.

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