2.9 5 0 7 7 Our resealable packs are great to throw in your bag for a healthy, on the go snack, to stash in your office drawer to help get you through the day or as a tasty treat after dinner.
Bounce Protein Energy Bites Blueberry Banana Share Pack
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Good for a pre/post gym snack
If you want a quick protein hit, these are great. Healthy and they taste great
Whats the facination with all these protein products. They all seem to have a horrible texture and a weird taste. These sounded nice but tasted disgusting. So thats another protein product to avoid....
I have mixed feelings about these. The flavours are good and they are great as a snack after working out ect, but the texture I do find a bit off putting. I am going to try more of the range though
Considering a price you would expect good flavours. It's pretty much just banana and it leaves funny aftertaste. I mean if you calorie count it's still quite high.. and it's not really worth it.. they do taste better then orange ones tho.
Not Tasty
I have tried these and was disgusted at the taste. I’m not a massive health freak and can’t justify putting something of that texture into my mouth even if I know it’s to help me. They’re not for everyone.
just the job for the kids lunch box nice and healthy and taste good,
These are quite expensive, but a tasty alternative sweet treat with more nutritious ingredients than your average snack convenience food. Love all the wholesome stuff packed in
These look really yummy and I would love to try them I could do with some extra energy at the moment .
These look SO good! Honestly loving their healthy look and appealing packaging; how do I get these????
i definitly need to find these i have twin boys with autisim and are very picky eaters this is a must to have in my house
Give you energy high in fiber and lot potassium high in protein its very healthy snack for your kids and family on go snack and vitamin in it too and getfruitin one bite
Not tried these but will be looking. Going through a healthy eating at moment . Love blueberries so can't wait to try
My son would love to try these they look scrummy and the protein is always good to have be nice to try them please 🤞
I definitely need to find these for my children . They are picky eaters and these look like a great way to get protein into their diets.
I love Blueberry and need more Protien in my diet and these look Amazing! I’ll be on the lookout when I’m shopping tomorrow... 😎

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