4.8 5 0 67 67 Chocolate Ice Cream at its best. Our Indulgent Chocolate ice cream is made with 70% dark chocolate pieces from Ecuador for a delicious, authentic taste. Your perfect dessert. Try Carte D'Or Indulgent Chocolate ice cream today. A rich chocolate ice cream made with dark chocolate pieces, is Rainforest Alliance Certified making it the best dessert to serve to your friends and family.
Carte D'or Indulgent Chocolate Ice Cream 1000Ml
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Chocolate Heaven😗
Rich, creamy, very chocolaty. Hits the spot when your craving something yummy and sweet and comforting
good ice cream
very tasty ice cream, my favorite chocolate flavor, love to buy it over summer period.
Absolutely delicious
I don't remember ever having a negative ice cream experience with Carte Dor, in keeping with this theme I found the ice cream delicious. It's not too sweet or sickly, but still has a pleasantly rich taste. Even at £3 per tab (which isn't exactly cheap) I'd still say that it's good value, it's THAT nice!
it's one of my favorite ice cream brands, they really produce high quality ice cream and you can really feel the difference by comparing with own brands, for example.
a little strong
found this a little rich for me and very much doubt i would buy again but every ones taste is different im not keen
Lovely, intensely chocolates ice cream. If it was completely smooth (ie no bits!) I would give it 5 stars
Good even for someone who is not a chocolate lover
Carte D'or is one of my fave ice cream brands, they really produce high quality ice creams and you can really taste the difference if you compare with own brands for example. I'm not really a chocolate lover, and have it in moderation, but this has a lovely rich taste that is chocolately but not overwhelming and so is very good!
The best ice cream
Carte D'or Indulgent Chocolate its the best ice cream ever I absolutely love carte d'or
perfect dessert
Carte D'or are most delicious ice-cream ever,always buying those or different taste ,all my family love them,you can't find better chocolate ice-crems than those ,if you need a moment just for you try those
Nice rich flavour
Got this product when it was on offer, has a very nice flavour and was nice when paired with warm brownie. The product can be expensive in some stores but if it is on offer it is worth buying.
Very rich!
I got this on offer and I’m glad I did! Very rich but unbelievably tasty. Highly recommend but very addictive!!
good but sickly
I love chocolate ice cream and i love the vanilla version but this is really rich. its definitely a treat to eat this. it would be great if you have something with it to counter the richness.
I have never been the biggest fan of ice cream, however sampling Carte D’Or with 70% dark chocolate made me a total convert! My husband purchased it, as he knew I only eat dark chocolate & thought it would be delicious. He wasn’t wrong. It tastes like heaven! It is super creamy, not too sweet...just how I like it! I would recommend it, if you like me like dark chocolate & sweets/ice cream that aren’t sickly sweet.
I don't usually eat much purely chocolate ice cream but my father in law had this at a dinner party and it was super delicious x would highly recommend especially for chocoholics it is so so chocolatey!!
Another yummy ice cream. Not too sweet and deep, rich chocolate flavour. One for those who are a dark chocolate fan.

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