4 5 0 14 14 Works fast to open blocked pores for visibly clearer skin in as fast as 12 hours. Rapid delivery of spot fighting ingredients that keeps working through the day.
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A Must-have face wash!
I have tried so many different types of face washes out there and this product alongside Clearasil's gentle skin perfecting wash is amazing. I have combination skin but is leaning towards oily, specially on my T-zone and forehead. And this reduces the amount of oil that my face produces, but doesn't dry up the dry areas that I have on my face. Using this product has honestly made my skin more healthy looking, reduced the amount of spots I get, and works well when I have inflamed spots. I wear heavy makeup all day, every day too for long periods of time, so my skin at the end of the day really needs a breather. And this product helps with really making your face feel refreshed and free from all the make-up. I highly recommend it to everyone, who is looking for a cleanser that does a great job and works!
Great for Breakouts
At my age you would think I would long be done with break outs but nope.My skin care reigme is strict but even then there is no guarentee.This is the only thing that brings my skin back to normal.If I use it too much,it can dry my skin out so I do stick to using once a day,with a different wash for the other half of the day,but is great otherwise.
Good stuff
This product did zap away a break out but it’s no good for long term use, it’s very drying on the skin
It’s okay
I had very very high hopes for this as the other products I use by clearacill work very well on my skin, I just felt this was a let down. It doesn’t do good, but it doesn’t do bad so it’s just okay in my honest opinion
Refreshing face wash
Nice cleanser not sure really helps with breakouts but face feels clean
Use this a couple of times a week in my skin care routine to keep pimples away or if I’m having a hormonal break out I will use a bit more in my routine. U don’t need to use every day as it’s very strong and tends to dry my skin out. I’ve had my for about 6 months too as each wash u only need to use a small blob.
Clearasil, I first tried this a while back and just cant get enough of it its great left my face felling 10times cleaner
Always loved using Clearasil either the face wash or moisturiser and love how my skin feels after wards.
I was always a fan of this brand as a teenager, I picked up this last month & ever since I started using it iv been breaking out like crazy. Safe to say it went in the bin a few days ago, I gave it more then a fair try.
Clearasil, I first tried this a while back and just cant get enough of it its great left my face felling 10times cleaner removed all leftover make up and left me felling refreshed and redy to take on the world #betterface
Would love to try this product after reading the reviews
I have brought this in the shop and only used it once and never again cuz it made my face red so I throw it away. Too strong for my skin.
I really want to try this products as it sounds like it's perfect for my skin at this moment in time! I have developed a tiny bit of acne (adult - stress related) and I'm getting a good few blackheads... I think that's due to my false tans new formula 🙈 I will definitely see where I can purchase this and update!
I would love my daughter to have a sample of this as she is seriously suffering with bad acne at age of 12 and I am fed up with trying new products and they don't work.

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