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Nice little sugar bite
Only small - could probably have this in one mouthful! nice little sugary snack - not the best on a diet as they are only small and just get that quick sugary fix. Do prefer the fibre bars than this cinnamon drizzle square if i am honest.
These tats amazing, they are my favourite with the chocolate brownie running a close second, it I just love the taste of cinnamon in these
I decided to give 5 stars, even though the price of them are a bit extortionate for the size. But this is one of my favourite flavours, with chocolate brownie being tied. They're usually enough to help my cravings without having to worry about too much sugar intake. Plus the extra fibre is helpful in my diet. I only ever buy when on offer though, but thankfully that's quite often!
Absolutely mouthwatering
Really tastes so good for a low calorie product. Satisfying when you just need something sweet.
Individually wrapped in a foil package. Great tasting and a good texture.
Good quality ,good value, nice smell and flavour and look.Very small
Overall I really like this cake the flavour is really nice and you get just enough to satisfy a sweet craving without all the extra added calories. A fantastic guilt free treat.
Nice.... weird after taste
`I love this range, and enjoy being able to try something sweet whilst not having the guilt... However have a glass of water near by as i found the after taste to be rather odd, and not very pleasant. However only on this flavour, i have tried others and no weird taste.
This is a yummy snack they crumble when you put them in your mouth. They are full of flavour for any cinnamon lover. The only down side is the size it's a shame there isn't more. However it's great to have a low calorie treat full of flavour.
Love this taste, that's one of my favourite snacks. Good size, well packed, always in my bag, always handy... l do recommended it, try it, love it... Also it's a great snack for kids, a perfect match to schools pack lunch.
I do love the chocolate sonwoupdnt say there bad just me personally dont like the taste
Good taste but too small!
I have brought this snack in the hopes that when I get a little hungry and crave a bit of a snack that I would be satisfied. However, because it's too small I was not satisfied. I would prefer if if was bigger. It looks as though it is for toddlers and not for adults. With that being said, I do enjoy the taste of it it is delicious and I like that it has a total of 90 calories (hence it is so small of a snack).
I bought these as a quick snack on a day out with my little girl. I love cinnamon and this was full of flavour. I couldn't help myself but have more than one at a time. My daughter is fussy and she even enjoyed eating these
Really good
We really liked this product. Much moister product than oat bars. So easy to eat in the morning or great when grabbing for a quick snack. Flavours are good also so will definitely try again
So yummy
I love cinnamon flavourings, especially in the autumn time. These little bites have the perfect level of cinnamon, and the icing drizzle tops it off perfectly. The best thing when you are craving a cinnamon swirl but want something a little healthier!

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