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Really good
We really liked this product. Much moister product than oat bars. So easy to eat in the morning or great when grabbing for a quick snack. Flavours are good also so will definitely try again
So yummy
I love cinnamon flavourings, especially in the autumn time. These little bites have the perfect level of cinnamon, and the icing drizzle tops it off perfectly. The best thing when you are craving a cinnamon swirl but want something a little healthier!
Healthy, tasty snack
These are lovely little treats. I love cinnamon and these, for me, have the right amount of flavouring. As a special treat I sometimes warm these in the microwave for a very short time on a low temperature setting - add some of the low calorie ice cream on top and it makes a great low calorie dessert.
Perfect for snacking
These bars taste great! Normally a low calorie bar lacks flavour but these really pack a punch and have a great cinnamon flavour! For only 90 calories, what's not to like? Will definitely be buying these again for the lunchbox!
Little yummy squares of sweetness
I’ve tried several flavours of these little squares and, being a fan of cinnamon, I had to taste these. I liked the taste of these immediately, a chewy, cakey texture with a sweet lcing drizzle of topping and a bang of cinnamon hit, all for just 90 calories. Sealing these individually didn’t stop me eating the whole box of four.
These are perfect, just the right size to go with a cuppa or to munch on whilst your stuck in traffic on the early commute. The cinnamon flavour is outstanding, not overpowering, a lovely warm winters Christmassy flavour!
Tasty but not filling
I bought these as a healthier option to my favourite cinnamon Danish. They are tasty and not as sweet as you would imagine. They have a good cinnamon flavour. However they are small. You would need probably two to make a filling snack which kind of defeats the object. Still better than a high calorie Danish. I do prefer the chocolate fudge ones though.
Not as nice as the Brownies
I love these squares, they are very tasty for 99 calories and even better warm! I don't think these are as nice as the brownies though as the cinnamon taste is quite strong.
Lovely texture
Quite a strong taste of cinnamon however they are nice, texture is lovely, good for syn value if your doing slimming world too
I love these and they taste amazing warm with ice cream
Perfect low calorie snack
These are a fab low calorie snack! Out of all the flavours this one is personally my least fave but my 11 year old is obsessed with this flavour! So for me that’s another win. They feel naughty
Tasty and Satisfying
I loved the chocolate, salted caramel and lemon drizzle snacks in this range so was looking forward to trying the cinnamon ones. I was not disappointed. It is soft and sweet with the perfect amount of cinnamon to remind you of a comforting cinnamon bun. The chunks of cinnamon sugar in the cake are a little odd but not off-putting. A good guilt-free snack.
Yum yum!
Love this product and the other flavours in this range. Great as a snack when you need a sweet fix, only 90 calories, not that big but enough to satisfy my cravings. Lovely taste, soft, moist and sweet.
These are ok but nothing special, taste alright and are ok for a quick snack. I do think they are expensive for what they are, especially full price in the supermarket.
Taste like soap! Yes, soap! I was expecting a lot from this as I love anything cinnamon flavoured but how disappointing the experience was!

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