3.6 5 0 99 99 Discover new Frubes Chocolate-Caramel, a delicious chocolate and caramel yogurt in a fun & convenient tube format. Easy & fun to eat and super yummy!
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My kids love yoghurts but wasn’t keen on these after trying myself felt they left an after taste.
Mixed feeling
The two youngest absolutely love yogurts but asked me not to give them these in their pack up anymore. On the other hand the teenager loved them so I think it depends on personal taste
Too sickly
BothY son's 3 n 8 years old tried these themails 8 year said they were horrible n the 3 year olater left his I tried them n they are very very sweet.
Not for me
Love frubes, but not particularly keen on this flavour
Not very nice
Bought these for my girls as they looked funny and yummy. Boy was we wrong. They taste really bad the texture is awful.
My kids don't like them at all
Usually frubes are a winner with all 3 of my children but these they really disliked, my eldest said they were gritty and tasteless, I think these would be better with a smoother chocolate texture.
Not liked
Bought these for the grandchildren as they love the strawberry flavour. These ones ended up being thrown out due to all four grandchildren not liking the taste of the chocolate.
Not the best
We always buy frubes for the kids lunchboxes, as they taste great and are good value for money. When we brought these the kids were excited that they had chocolate yoghurts to take to school, but unfortunately only one of tmy children likes them, we were disappointed and won’t be buying them again.
Weird taste
My children love frubes i freeze them and put them in there lunch boxes. So i bought these to try they had one each they didnt even finish them. They have a weird taste to them almost like sour milk.
No one in the family really liked these, especially my children. My eldest said they tasted a little sour and not creamy enough. I have to agree. Would not buy again.
My child loves frubes so bought these as thought she would love them, she hated them. I tried them and they were tolerable but can’t say I would want them again
Chocolatey taste
I tryed one of these with my daughter and it has a great taste and is very smooth and wasn't to much it was just right and my daughter has them all the time now.We like the fact that it's in a tubes.
Yummy for everyone's tummy!
Me & my whole family love Frubes, great favour not messy and taste amazing! Price is ok! Great treat or snack for everybody!
Great flavour - my children (& me) loved them. Will definitely buy again
Great test great price
Fantastic Frubes,my kids love it same as me. Very testy ,light and no so sweet that is greate for kids

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