3.5 5 0 115 115 Discover new Frubes Chocolate-Caramel, a delicious chocolate and caramel yogurt in a fun & convenient tube format. Easy & fun to eat and super yummy!
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Good but too sweet
Bought for kid to school instead of fruity tubes. He loves chocolate, yet this yogurt won't be his favourite. He described it as "not bad but a bit weird taste". For me ok, just too sweet a bit.
not the best creation
sizing of the frubes is a perfect portion size for a child and are a handy lunchbox or snack filler the texture is smooth and of a perfect consistency, the flavour of the yoghurt isn't too great the caramel has a fruity taste and just takes away the chocolate flavour.
Very tasty snack!
My daughter loves these. They taste great, and make a great alternative to the usual fruity flavours of Frubes. These are great as an addition to a lunch box for school.
Too sickly
I thought I'd give them a go as two of my favourite flavours are chocolate and caramel but unfortunately wasnt impressed it has a weird bitter aftertaste that is unpleasant and it was too sickly sweet that you couldn't finish it so it's a no go for me
Nice Idea
It was a nice idea for a flavour of yogurt but quite sickening as it was very sweet. Unfortunately I would not buy this again.
Frubes chocolate
My boys found the chocolate and caramel flavours very rich as a yoghurt and were not too fussed for them. I do freeze them and they were better recieved once frozen
Too sweet
I'm sorry to say that the little ones did not like these which is a shame as they usually love the Fubes tubes (great for freezing as well) these were just too sweet and had far too much sugar for their size 5.5g for a 36g tube. not a winner with us im afraid.
Ok but don't like packaging
My children have bugged me for ages to try these, so I bought some last week, whilst they have a novelty I really don't like the plastic packaging and always thing my youngest will choke on ot, so I try and take it off her/help her and she screams! Wants to hold it herself. Don't think I will be buying them again.
Certainly different
I bought these for my childrem, thinking they would like them. Unfortunately niether of them liked them, the frubes have a strange sickly taste.
Too much
Too much sugar and sticky product, weird flavour. Not our favourite
We tried theses but we aren’t that keen on them so will be sticking to normal ones
Not too good
Yogs in anything other than a pot, is not right. Kids dont mind the strawberry flavour ones, but hated this flavour. Too sweet and very chocolatey. Can be bit messy when opening.
Not tasty
OK I'll admit I'm not a keen caramel lover, but this was too sweet and just tasted not nice at all. My bf loves chocolate and caramel and these were who I actually got them for but he didn't like them either said they didn't taste like caramel and chocolate.
Healthy dessert
This is a perfect packed lunch snack. It is easy to manage, easy to open by the little ones, easy to dispose, clean etc etc. Love it!
Best yogurts in the world
Best combination ever tasted and great for school lunches

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