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Garnier Active Pure Anti Blkhead Mask
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Good but painful
Really enjoy this mask, feel like it reallt cleans out the pores. Can be painful thought but most masks of this type are.
Great balance
I’ve been using this product for about 6 months and love it. It’s a great exfoliator but is gentle on your skin too. The perfect balance in a face product.
Better mask
Better mask than others I have tired. Really good exfoliation.
Love these definitely worth getting help get rid of blackheads
I love this I replaced my skin care products that this brand and I love the charcoal range
Ouch but worth it
I thought that I would give it a go as I had seen quite a few reviews and it is really good!! It can be a bit painful if you’ve got slight facial hair, but it’s worth it. My skin feels and looks so much better.
It hurt so bad
It was super sticky putting it on and hurt so bad getting it off but on the plus side my tears did help get it off and it did help my skin feel amazing, I know they say beauty is pain but jeeze!
Not 100% sold on it
I've gave it a few tries now and it's easy to apply, I'm not sure it's actually getting any blackheads out but it certainly pulling the peach fuzz hairs out so be careful near any hairy bits on your face haha
Garnier active blackhead pore remover
Excellent product. It looks charcoal black. Easy to apply keep it on for a few mins and wash off. See the pores opened up and it’s removed the blackheads. The nose looks pore free with no more dark patches
Face mask
My skin felt so soft after using this, thought it would irtate my skin with me having very sensitive skin, no problem at all, love it, will buy again
like this
like this product it does remove black heads and dirt etc i use twice a week. I would recommend
Good product
A good face mask. Gets rid of small blackheads, dirt and dead skin. Would recommend.
Silky smooth skin
Be careful to avoid eyebrows during application in case you accidentally remove them! The products applies easily and you can feel it starting to work straight away. I found the residue on my hand difficult to wash off and it left my sink streaky, which is why I’ve marked it down to a 4. The mask itself dried really quickly and once you find an edge, it’s easy to start peeling off, but do it slowly to make sure you remove all the unwanted stuff. I was amazed at how much dead skin and blackheads were removed. My skin was slightly pink after but super soft, and it was back to normal colour within a half hour. I used a wet wipe to get the little remnants that were left. I personally use this twice a week and have found with long term use my blackheads are fewer and pores look smaller.
Best one out there
Live this mask gets rid of all my blackhead and leaves skin feeling clean and soft.
I really liked this product because it gets rid of many blackheads, but you will have to steam your face first in order to work properly!

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