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Garnier Active Pure Anti Blkhead Mask
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Fab results
Great results with the first try. Made a big difference, removed blackheads. Would definitely recommend.
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This product is fab, my face was soft and clear after use. It didn't hurt as much as other products when your peeling them off your face. My daughter's had great fun peeling my face off from other products but she didn't quite enjoy this as much lol. I'll be buying more in the future.
Very good product, removes all imperfections. I recommend to every woman
Fresh faced
Nicley packaged and easy to open. Had clear instructions aswell. The face mask itself was easy to apply evenly, dried well and did as if said on the pack. Stung a little to pull off but I think all masks of this type do. Will purchase again.
Amazing product easy to apply and take off left my skin smooth
strong spot removal
easy to use but can be hard to peel it all off at once and stings a little .
Would love to try this product,l have oily skin.I love testing beauty products and always searching new products!
This Product was really easy to apply and and covered evenly - and seemed to dry pretty quickly.. it seemed to stick very easily to the skin .. making the peeling off a little tricky! - but i took it slowly and gently rolled it off my face - My pores looked much clearer and my skin proper soft - would use again & would recommend
I would like to try this!! sound good, really nice reviews.
I would like to try this product, it looks very nice for the face
Really love face masks and have tried so many different ones so I would like to give this one a try
But I would like to try I have lots of black spots and I think this would work
My 15 year old son has been using this a couple of weeks his skin is a lot better now than when he started he has also go a few friends to try it and its working well for them aswell defo would recomend
I would like to try this product as I am having problems with blocked pores on the side of my nose.

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