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Worth it
My skin has been really dry lately, to the point of peeling and Ive been trying everything. Hence the sheet masks. I have to say I felt an immediate difference after just one use. Its really hydrating. It says you're supposed to use 3 masks in a week so I'm going to go ahead and do that to see what happens. Its a little messy getting it on and off but the results are worth it
love these masks so fun to peel of and it's like a new layer of skin is revealed baby soft skin after
I tried this to control acne and honestly, it's super drying because even moisturizing didn't help. It smelt nice which was quite unusual with charcoal masks. Overall I say try it out to see if you like it
Feels great
The mask is a great treat, but it does not minimise pores. It just feels lovely and soft afterwards. Great for a pamper session but that's about it.
These masks are just amazing for my combination skin that often gets oily in patches. They reduce the oily areas and really work well with enlarged pores. They are a little pricy so I wait till they are on offer and then stock up.
Great sheet mask
As far as sheet masks go, Garnier are pretty great. I did think that my pores did look minimised after and felt refreshed after. I would recommend this to friends.
did not like this mask really messy and didn't notice much of a difference on my skin after use. smell was ok but slightly overpowering.
benefits of charcoal
It is only in the last year that I have become familiar with the benefits of charcoal, and all I can say is...it really works! I had used charcoal in other products, but this mask was a first for me. It acts like a magnet for toxins, impurities and clears out all the nasty bits. It is something that shouldn't be used frequently as it could leave your skin too dry, but when you feel like your face needs good detox, this is definitely the one!
Really works!
I don’t have really bad blackheads. But tiny little dots gone from my nose and chicks completely after just one use. I just love this mask!
This mask is ok for the price when it’s in the sale, but I would not pay full price. Leaves skin soft, but also dries out the skin as the same time. Other sheet masks at a lower price point do a better job.
Good alternative mask
Good mask to use in between your regular mask. Cleans thoroughly.
Good, but not as moisture gets as others
I love a sheet mask, and have tried dozens of brands. Garnier ones are up there with some of my favourites, they are so affordable, not messy at all and usually give a great plumping affect to my skin. This one did give my skin a mattifying affect but I prefer something a bit more plumping and moisturising. If you are broke to blemishes this will almost certainly work better for you!
Easy to use and my Skin felt soft and refreshed after use
So so
For the price I paid in Tesco I wouldn’t recommend it wasn’t as good what some people say I think I stick to my old mask from Avon haha
Super hydrating!
This sheet mask left my skin super hydrated and feeling really supple and firm. I immediately bought some more (as it was on sale) for my mum to try too!

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