4.4 5 0 17 17 Green & Black's create delicious ethically sourced chocolate from the finest ingredients. Our Taste Specialists have expertly crafted this 70 % dark chocolate using the delicate character and soft texture of the finest Ghanaian cocoa, balanced with sweet Madagascan Vanilla. Green & Black's Velvet Edition is a 70 % dark chocolate that is rich in cocoa content, yet exceptionally smooth in flavour. Green & Black's. Green symbolises our commitment to ethically sourced cocoa. Black stands for the high quality and delicious taste of our chocolate.
Green & Blacks Velvet 70% Dark Chocolate
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Smooth rich taste!
I'm not always a fan of chocolate especially if it is really really sweet, but this one has a lovely dark rich taste that is also really smooth and velvety as described! Really lovely :)
Green and Black Velvet Edition
Smooth Intense flavour that lingers in your mouth mmmmmm
love dark chocolate
surprised this one wasnt bitter but perfectly balanced and i ate the whole bar in one sitting, naughty me i couldnt resist though. wasnt overly rich in flavour also
Velvet chocolate
Beautifully smooth chocolate, quality is excellent, but it’s a bit too intense to eat a lot, so actually better for you
Rich, deep, smooth and chocolatey
I tried this over Christmas and really enjoyed the taste. I usually try to go for darker chocolate but sometimes find it too bitter. However I found this to be a little smoother than normal dark chocolate. It has made eating dark chocolate more enjoyable for me.
silky soft treat
i bought these recently and they are so delicious. Thin little bite sized pieces of chocolate. silky smooth texture that melts in the mouth. They are in great packaging that would make a nice gift for someone. as usual the quality of green and blacks chocolate is hard to beat.
Delicious Green & Blacks chocolate made even more luxurious. The chocolate melts and has a lovely creamy texture, well worth melting in the mouth.
Green & Black's is gorgeous and I adore this bar in particular as dark is my favourite kind of chocolate. I love snuggling up with a movie and this!! It really is stunning and in my opinion tastes so much better than Cadbury's, but oh well. Also ridiculously good value, win win!
Utterly awful range. I don't understand their reasoning when they say 'our customers want chocolate that doesn't taste like chocolate'. The mind boggles! Anyway, this chocolate is simply bland and void of any flavour really. Its missing all the joy and pleasure that chocolate offers us. Cardboard and melted oil ids all I can say. Rarely ever do I say a chocolate isn't worth the calories, but with these, they really aren't. Uneventful, dull and complete style over substance. Never again.
Love Green and Blacks chocolate. It's so much richer and less full of junk than average chocolate bars. 70% is a good amount of cocoa, making it not too bitter, but still full or iron and goodness.
Unfortunately this chocolate was not for me far to bitter for my taste but very creamy
Wow, rich, smooth, velvety and delicious. Pure indulgence and I can’t get enough of it!
Gorgeous,velvety,doesn't cat the teeth . delicious . I Jane bought it several times
yum - I'm not usually a fan of Green and Blacks as I find their dark chocolate quite acidic, but this is lovely, very smooth. One to savour!
A Christmas gift these were delicious. A real hit of Cocoa and a luxurious melt in the mouth experience.

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