4.7 5 0 114 114 Flirt with the sumptuous guérande salted caramel cream, topping and fall head over heels with the luscious cheesecake and caramel soaked buttery biscuit base. Ooh La La.
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Loved these , could get addicted. Very satisfying, felt luxurious and expensive.
One of our favourite treats
My husband and I enjoy this indulgent treat. It would be our favourite product in the Gu cheesecake range. The glass pots make it feel even more luxurious.
Nice flavour
Really nice flavour, but can become a little sickly
We loved these!! A bit sickly but just enough in the glass so you can’t over indulge. I would happily eat one a day.
I don't have a sweet tooth - but these are lovely
I bought these as a treat for my partner and I, as indicated in the title I don't normally have much of a sweet tooth, but these cheesecakes were delicious. Decadent springs to mind! Gu puds are always a nice treat. These are a little heavier than the Key Lime Pie cheesecakes but not as heavy as the dark chocolate ones. Caramel is smooth and not too salty. Would recommend to any cheesecake lover!
I love these! I love GU desserts in general and these did not disappoint! Will definitely buy again
I must admit I'm a big dessert fan (but who isnt) but these are my all time favourite at the minute. They are rich and creamy and leave you wanting more. You can really taste the salted caramel.
Excellent product - sampled at a friends house and will be buying for myself now!
Tasty but expensive and sickly sweet
Great tasting, slightly bitter. Creamy. Served in two sweet little glass dishes that can be reused. However, too expensive for the tiny amount in each dish and also maybe a waste of glass dishes as I expect that many people throw them away if you buy this too often and end up with too many glass dishes.
GU Editions
Delicious very creamy and light would certainly buy again
Initially brought these when they where a limited a edition and so glad i tried them. They melt in mouth and are very moreish. I would only get while on offer as very expensive at full price. If they where cheaper would buy more. However the pots that they come in are brilliant for reuse (we use as water bowls for small reptiles). A* product over all in my opinion.
Smooth, delicious and just devine shame they are not slightly bigger and a little on the high price but I think I could turn this into one of my secret indulgences
Caramel cheesecake
Doesn’t do much for the waist line but it certainly is Devine, a luxury desert for all occasions.
Just love all GU cheese cakes and desserts! This has to be my 2nd favourite straight after New York cheese cake. This has got flavours that melt in your mouth. Expensive but worth every penny! Definitely one if my favourite desserts!
One of the best GU desserts I’ve tried. Wish they were bigger & less expensive, but so delicious it’s worth it

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