4.7 5 0 133 133 Flirt with the sumptuous guérande salted caramel cream, topping and fall head over heels with the luscious cheesecake and caramel soaked buttery biscuit base. Ooh La La.
Gu 2 Sumptuous Salted Caramel Cheesecakes 2
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I love these cheesecakes!! I have tried most flavours now, this one is very rich and a little sickly but the portion size is just right, this lovely but my favourite is the lemon or plain new York style cheesecake
A great tasting product from Gu as usual; I've bought this product more than once and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
My new fave GÜ
Been a regular customer of Gü for years!! And this is my new favourite of theirs, it's so tasty and sweet
Lovely rich flavour, biscuit base is nice, buttery, soft and just the right amount of crumble, have to hide them in our house, the children want to steal them, hands off!! They are treats for us parents!
the layers of the cheesecake work really well together they are very moreish and have the perfect ration to each layer they are smooth,soft,creamy and have a brilliant textured base. the salt really compliments the caramel although the caramel has a hint of fruit taste.
best gu product on the market!
have bought these several times now, and they always go down a treat with everyone, the taste is sweet, but not tooth-rottingly, due to the amazing twist of the salt and sweet combination. love it
The best
This is the best cheese cake I’ve bought. All my family love this one.
Little bowls of heaven
I absolutely love GU. I have to hide these for when my kids are in bed so I can enjoy these hehe. My kids know that these are my treats, they are my little pots of guilty pleasure. I would recommend anyone that hasn't tried these before to rush out and try these, you most definately won't regret it!!!
Another delicious product from GU
GU are a firm favourite in our household and when I saw this Salted Caramel version I had to try them and I'm pleased to say they didn't disappoint. The caramel to biscuit ratio is perfect, and the salted caramel element is SO tasty without being overpowering. My only hope is that they continue selling them as I will be buying them again for sure!
Amazingly smooth and tasty full of flavour treat. The salted caramel complimented the cheesecake base very well.
These are delicious I could eat 2 together. Very sweet and a little salty perfect if you have a sweet tooth like me.
This is the ultimate dessert, it’s silky and smooth and sweet and salty. It tastes amazing!
This product is ridiculously delicious. The ports are so cute and environmentally friendly as they are made out of glass. The taste is divine and the price is pretty fair. The only minus is that it is way too sweet.
Not much more to say than amazing! Much like all of the other flavours they are just perfection!
Best GU Dessert!
This dessert is one of the best that GU offers in the UK at the moment! It is very light and a perfect sized amount in the glass jar that it comes in. Very sweet but I have a sweet tooth and you even get to keep the jars as condiment pots! Price is a little bit expensive but so worth it, they are usually on offer in certain high street shops, so keep an eye out.

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