4 5 0 96 96 Mini pizza topped with tomato sauce, Cheddar cheese and Emmental medium fat hard cheese.
Hearty Food Co. Mini Pizzas Cheese And Tomato 4 Pack
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Good item
We have these in the freezer as a quick meal idea for our son. Reasonably good quality and don't taste too bad either
These are nice, I add some extra cheese to them as they can be a bit bland.
School pizza
These actually remind me of the pizza we could get from school. They lovely. Great for a quick snack or even a meal with a few chips.
These are just so yummy. Me and my kids love them. They’re a fab snack if you’ve nothing in or need to rush. They cook quick and taste so nice. Recommended for kids as they’re a good size for little tummies. Would purchase over and over. They just as good as an expensive pizza. You can add your own toppings too to spice things up a bit.
good value
this pizza is not the best in the world but its value for money and a cheap fix for hunger
Not keen
Not one of the best pizzas iv had, didnt like the source much at all, kids liked it but i wouldnt buy it again
Perfect for get togethers
I bought these along side some other snacks for my daughters party. They are a great size and make a great side dish. Perfect for a get together, lots of taste,
I'm a big fan of this company however I didn't like these at all, there was no flavour and for me it was just a waste!
Brought this pizza last week for a small get together with a few friends. We found this cheese and tomato pizza was really tasty and not to over powering in taste tomato sauce. Straight forward and easy to prepare. Well recommended
Little ones love it
My little brothers absolutely love them they are so handy just the right size and taste good too
Basic cheese pizza
These pizzas were bought from Tesco. They do exactly what they say on the tin. They are small cheese and tomato pizzas which suit a child for dinner when accompanied by some veg, The price is very reasonably and they are handy to keep in the freezer for when you have nothing planned.
A good snack
These make a good snack for the kids. We normally get these and the kids pick their own toppings to make it their own. Could be a dinner, but only if you are doing something with them.
Great little snack
These are a great snack for the kids just the right size and mine always add a bit of ham or something to it makes it all the more fun if the create their own and price is brill
Decent but could be better
They will do as a midweek supper time snack but I wouldnt recommend for a main meal for the kids as they are decent but there not in the same league as goodfellas etc. If I'm honest I'd go for Lidl's own brand if i'm looking for a Cheap Pizza Snack
Cheap and unfulfilling
They were cheap so I thought I would give them a go. The base was tough and the topping disappointing... I wouldn't buy it again, I would rather pay more.

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