4 5 0 108 108 Mini pizza topped with tomato sauce, Cheddar cheese and Emmental medium fat hard cheese.
Hearty Food Co. Mini Pizzas Cheese And Tomato 4 Pack
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Not for us thankyou
Not fan of these at all. Both taste and texture was bad. Very minimal cheese on top. A big thumbs down from us I am afraid.
Hearty Food Co. Mini Pizzas Cheese And Tomato
Hearty Food Co. Mini Pizzas Cheese And Tomato is a good cheap alternative to ordering pizza. Its good for quick and easy snack for children and their friends. Add few vegetables to them to increase vegetable uptake however just great as they are with or without dips.
Nice size
My daughter loves these just the right size and very tasty nice easy snack for me aswell
Alright pizza
These pizzas are a good size for my children and eat to fit in the freezer, but my daughter isnt sure about the soft cheese! They are handy to have a would be nice in a pepperoni option. Good value so I would reccomend these
My sons favourite
My son loves these pizzas. There are a good size for kids and are full of cheese and have a great flavour. They are great for a quick and easy dinner and are really good value for money. I would definitely recommend these.
Great pizzas at a great price I brought two boxes and myself and family really enjoyed these was great for lunch or tea and with selection of own topping I made some yummy pizzas would highly recommend if on a budget
What you'd expect
Taste alright and not too big like a lot of frozen pizzas can be. Better for part of a meal with something on the side. I add a bit of extra cheese to make up for the slight lack of topping. Overall what you'd expect.
Very handy.
These mini pizzas are great as a snack (for adults anyway). I put on my own toppings and they taste great. The price is hard to beat! Yum!
You get what you pay for
Great value for money, taste good but very small in size! Good to feed to little ones but not so much adults! Would recommend for a quick dinner or lunch.
Value for money but small in size
You get what you pay for, good if you want to add toppings to pizza and can act as a base. Quite small in size despite being mini.
Me and my three children loved them. A great tasty snack or could be used as part of a meal. Topping is lovely but sometime we add things like mushrooms, bacon etc to spice things up. Quick and easy to cook. Recommend more for children with the size but really tasty. 9 out 10 for me .
Cheese and tomato pizza
I love this Cheese and tomato pizza it tastes lovely and really I enjoy the texture of it
Tescos pizzas
Was disappointed to be honest.as there wasnt much topping on at all.the sauce or the cheese was more bread dry base
Good item
We have these in the freezer as a quick meal idea for our son. Reasonably good quality and don't taste too bad either
These are nice, I add some extra cheese to them as they can be a bit bland.

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