4.2 5 0 41 41 The nation's favourite Hellmanns Mayonnaise combined with the iconic Tabasco brand pepper sauce to create new Hellmann's Tabasco mayo
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Great addition to the salad
I really like this mayo especially added to my salads. It gives a slight kick.
If you’re having a bbq on your burgers (vegi in my case) this totally makes the difference.
Nice little kick to it
It’s has a Very nice twist (chilli kick) to a standard mayonnaise, it’s not too chilli but not so plain either, perfect chill/mayonnaise combination, definitely buy again and would recommend to try it
We all love a bit of mayo & chilli in our house but were not massive fans of this. I think we'd prefer a chipotle version as this tasted a bit too synthetic for of foodie household
Very good for a convenient bit of heat
Really enjoyed this, just not quite hot enough for my taste, but a good hit of heat for shelf bought. personally i prefer to mix my own mayo with Sriacha style chilli sauces for that extra 'kick'
Really good mayo for sandwiches. Easy to use bottle that fits in the fridge. Really good with chicken
Just wish I could get every last drop out!
I love mayo, I love chilli, so boom, I get the best of both worlds! great in wraps, easy portion size when it's squirted out to spread . only down side is , its plastic bottle as I'm trying to cut down on my plastic , and also I can't get it all out when it gets near the end. but yes it's a good product, rich and creamy with a good twist.
Be careful
This stuff has gave me an addiction I can't have chips now without my spicy mayo it is amazing and I can't get enough of it
Lovely spicy mayo!
Lovely mayo - great in a cheese sandwich to add a bit of a kick! Only downside is the bottle - it's impossible to get all the mayo out and some is wasted every time.
Tasty Chilli Mayo
Nice consistency but difficult to get it all our due the packaging. Could have been spicer for me but it goes well on burgers and with chips. Lovely on my sandwiches!
Hellmann´s Quality with a twist
As every hellmann´s product the quality, good chilly hit but the plastic bottle is horrible!! Does not allow you to finish the product.
Chilli Mayonnaise
Really big mayonnaise person and i pretty much have it with everything, this chilly mayo does not disappoint at all, little bit of spice with the full tase of your normal mayonnaise is just spot on! Goes really well with burgers and incredible on chips!
Not enjoyable
I brought this as I love creamy spicy sauces but I found the taste of this one to be very bitter. I did not like it at all
Has a kick to it
Made a nice change, nice and tasty, a little spicy. Had a nice "kick" to it. Will buy again
Hotter is always better
I like hot food this isnt hot but it's very tasty.

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