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Higher Nature Kids Soothe & Immune
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We’ve not tried these but with 3 kids under 6 these would be brilliant to try as they are all anti veg n anti fruit
immune for the kids drink. Ok ive no problem but isn't this something we can give our kids with a good diet exercise etc?
MMMMMMmmmmm this sounds comforting. A hot drink with goodness for our outdoor family time. My youngest, maybe try a hot drink for a change , kids like to copy adults so this would be fun and healthy without them realising. Sounds good enough for the whole family.
Need to build up on my immune system after s hard few months
I would like to try my grandson with these as lately he's started to refuse food he used to eat
I haven't tried these. My kids are very fussy eaters and I'm wanting to change there diets with more fruit and veg so these would come in handy if they didn't eat there dinner.
I have an 18 month old son and I would love to try this out..

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