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Jacob's Mini Cheddars Red Leicester
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Mini Cheddars red Leicester
Mini cheddars red Leicester flavour is not like the real cheese itself. I prefer the original flavour cheddars. These were not to my taste. Please remove some salt content as it is a high level. It is greasy and not the best product from the range. Maybe others will like them.
Very moreish can never seem to have only one pack I'm sure they shrink over time like other products. The taste is strong but not overpowering. I'd definitely recommend others to buy a pack and try but I wont be sharing mine I even hide them from hubby
Very Moreish, difficult to only have one bag
these are really moreish but i am sure the bags are getting smaller. they could do with either making the bags bigger or doing them in a sharing bag size as one small bag is never quite enough. It would also be nice if they could bring this flavour out in the crinkle version too as they always appear to be a stronger flavour
really enjoyed these, same texture as a original Mini Cheddars but slightly more salty and a stronger cheese flavour, not sure I tell it was red Leicester specifically but really tasty and moreish!
These are delicious and VERY moreish, much tastier than the originals. Wish they did them as larger biscuits too!
Not as nice as I was expecting
I was expecting these to taste a bit stronger I think but they were a bit disappointing. Not as nice as the original.
Strong but not overpowering
It's a tasty little packet of crisps. I'm not too fussed by crisps but these were moreish. My partner loves crisps and kept going back for more. It's cheesy but not overpowering and certainly packs more flavour than their standard ones. We buy these whenever they're on offer.
Red Leicester is one of our favourite cheeses. Got these to try when they were on offer for £1. They have a stronger taste than normal mini cheddars. Went back for another pack a few days later to find the kids had demolished them lol
Lovely with a salad
Really like these often have with a fresh salad very tasty
Good taste
Saw these and thought they were worth a try as we all like mini cheddars. The taste is much stronger so a couple of the kids didn’t like them, but I very much enjoyed them
Nice and cheesy!
Really nice cheesy flavour. My eldest didn’t like it, but the middle one did so I guess it’s hit and miss depending on your child. I liked them better than the original.
I saw these on the shelf of my local supermarket priced at the introductory price of £1 for a bag of 6. Red Leicester is one of my favourite cheeses so I just had to give these a try and ..... OMG ..... they are wonderful. Strong flavour but grate taste and really more-ish. Can't wait to go back and buy some more.
Lovely cheesy taste. Stronger flavour than the original ones. I prefer these. Nice and crunchy great snack on the go as well as at home.
I have tried and love the new Jacob's Mini Cheddars Red Leicester flavour. Such a good cheesy flavour. My 2 children on the other hand are not to keen! They like them, but much prefer the original. Me, I'd gladly eat either!
These are really tasting and they are great for not only children but adults too. They are handy to put in pack lunches. My whole family likes these, some of us prefer these to the original cheese ones. These have a stronger taste and do tast like Red Leicester. Really worth buying for a tasty treat.

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