4 5 0 27 27 John Frieda Luxurious Volume Core Restore Shampoo, Immediate Transformation From Within. Maximises strength & volume
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This shampoo is great, provides my flat hair a bit of volume AND it's not greasy. Stays fresh for a few days. Really recommend.
Nice texture feels plump and leaves hair smooth I would recommend
I always loved John Frieda products and this shampoo exceeded my expectations I have a very fine hair without volume and this product gave me the volume that I wanted!
Good product
I really like this product. Works well with my long thick hair. Handy for travelling as well.
Wouldnt recommend
This made my hair greasy and feel really weird the next day. I only use it now as a body wash
This shampoo is fantastic, I didn't need to use conditioner as this alone left my hair so soft without the fluffiness. Would 100% recommend to anyone with hair! Ha ha
Amazing amazing.. I just love this product. Really does add volume and does exactly as it says on packaging. Would highly recommend
John frieda products all all great always done what it says it does would recommend
I cannot recommend this product, my hairs was after like gum or slime - terrible product. i have waste my money.
Finally something that actually gives me volume and texture! I find it makes my hair a bit dry over time so I need to use a deep conditioned now and then but it's worth it. Best volume product I've found.
I tried this product and it was great, lots more volume on my fine head of hair, definetly using thus again
This is a favorite product in the John Frieda range. It is lightweight and leaves the hair noticeably thicker. It has a gorgeous spar fresh fragrance. I would aso recommend the matching conditioner , which is a light gel formula.You can feel the hair feels thicker when you are applying the products.
This product does work. I used it due to really fine hair and it does add volume. I can not use it all the time as my hair get greasy easy and i have to change my shampoo regularly. I use it about twice a week and it does what it says.
I have tried this John Frieda Volume Core Restore Shampoo I think its makes your hair feel thicker with lots of volume and I also tried the Volume Core Restore Conditioner which is fantasic as well.
I tried John Frieda product for the first time and really liked the results. It give nice volume to hairs with very less amount of shampoo as if you use more hairs will look dry.

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