4.5 5 0 23 23 Made with nuts and soya, these bars can offer 24g of plant protein per 100g. They also contain heart healthy fats, as well as being gluten free and lower in sugar.
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Very Tasty
I think these bars are really tasty- perfect following a workout, since they're high in protein. A perfect healthy way to get nuts and their beneficial oils and nutrients into my diet. These are sticky with a perfect amount of crunch, and a sweet yogurt-like underlayer. Will continue buying!
great product, healthy, high in protein, essential oils from nuts and nice bite, definitely great for snacking or before workout, highly recommended
Tastes great
I like to have these in the house in case I need a quick snack they taste great between meals
A bit disappointing
I tried the Pomegranate, Blueberry and Pistachio version of these bars and was a little underwhelmed, especially considering the price (£1.30). I couldn’t really taste the pomegranate or the pistachio, though there was a slight hint of the blueberry. I would love to try the peanut butter one but would only buy if it was on offer as the price is a bit steep for me.
Really enjoyed
I wasn't expecting to like this because other bars I've had with protein have tasted a bit funny, bit this was really nice. It was a proper treat with a cuppa. I really enjoyed it and will buy it in the future.
Some are great
I've tried several of these & to be fair, I've enjoyed most but i also had ones that are a let down & a bit misleading. The Pomegranate, blueberry & pistachio turned out to be like 90% Almonds & cashews 2 nuts that i particularly dislike. The peanut butter one on the other hand is delicious. I will say they are quite crunchy so probably not good if your looking for a softer chewier texture & they're also quite pricey for what they are. I don't think they will be a regular buy for me based on that.
some of the flavours are good, like the sweet nut ones, i dont like the dark chocolate ones but it has a wide range to suit all tastes.
There’s really no way of describing how delicious these bars are. Definitely worth a try!!
Tastes good, nice packaging, you have a few flavours to choose from. Not my favourite
all natural however pricey!
KIND Protein Bars, Protein Energy Bars|Gluten Free, Low Carb, Low-Sugar Snack Bar,High Protein Plant-Based Nutrition Bars - Crunchy Peanut Butter, 50g, Pack of 12. Smooth peanut butter with whole crunchy peanut per bar contains 12 g protein At 252 calories a bar it's not low calorie but at least the saturated fat content terrible 4.3g per bar, plus no artificial colours or preservatives. The price though is a bit steep, there are lots of energy bars out there cheaper . However they do taste great and very satisfying
Good bars , to sweet
I have tried they are really good . I can’t finished because is to sweet in my opinion
Protein bar
My daughter enjoys these bars she like the peanut butter flavor best has the right amount of protein in and are a great bar to snack on
Super tasty!
These are so delicious and true to taste. They are nothing but natural and are so filling. I eat them as a snack between lunch and dinner and they can see me over for hours! I would definitely recommend!
Kind Protein Bars
I’ve tried the salted caramel one & peanut butter one. To be honest there isn’t a huge amount of flavour but the crunch is good. Quite high priced considering other options but would recommend.
My partner buys protein bars and have tried this as I always have a little bite and it was actually really nice would recommend

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