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Prefer the original
Prefer the original flavour of kitkat, but this isn't bad if you are a fan of cheesecake. If I had to buy again I would still go for the original or the peanut butter!
Ok but a bit sickly!
I love a kitkat but i'm not so keen on these. the extra layer in the middle makes it a bit sickly and overly sweet.
Love it or Hate it i think
I really liked this, however cheesecake is my favourite. I think some would prefer a more traditional taste.
So yummy
I love the taste kitt kat have always a good win . Last time I win a kitt kat with my own picture on it I was so happy woow . And of course is the best taste ever
Couldn't taste cheesecake
When pregnant I had a major craving for cheesecake but despite wanting, couldn't warrant eating a full one to myself. When my husband saw these he thought it'd hit my cravings but to me it didn't taste anything like a cheesecake. It didn't Even taste like Nestle chocolate to me either
Very sweet
Love kit kat and gave these a go. I found it was a bit too much and got sickly but taste was great just a little on the large portion size for the flavour.
They're ok...
I love kitkat chunkies, but i found the cheesecake one lacked any actual cheesecake flavour... Will be sticking to the plain or peanut butter ones...
It was enjoyable but was lacking any sort of cheesecake factor. Would buy again but not as a go to.
I really wanted to like this...
I love kit kat chunky, but for me unfortunately the new york cheesecake one just didnt hit the mark! I found it quite sickly rather then moreish! I bought 2 and didnt even finish 1!
Really enjoyed the new flavoured kit Kat. The only downside is I’m sure they are smaller!!
Perfect little lunch box essential. Great for kids and for adults needing a quick chocolate snack during the day.
As much as I like Kit Kat products - in all shapes and sizes - this flavour is a NO for me. Too sweet and too artificial. It sounds too weird to eat chocolate with cheesecake flavour.
I like to try the different Kit Kat flavours, this was ok but nothing to write home about. I found it sickly sweet, a little too much and I love chocolate
Normally love the kitkat chunky,found this not too bad but wasn’t blown away and have tried it twice now.
Didn’t like the flavour of this. Not nice at all. Even my daughter who is a kitkat addict didn’t like this flavour. Would not buy again.

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