4.4 5 0 133 133 Crispy wafer fingers with a caramel topping (17%) covered in milk chocolate (58%)
Kit Kat Senses Salted Caramel Box 20 Pieces 200G
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Not a lot of flavour
You can’t really taste the salted caramel, to get the tastes you would have to eat a few at the same time.
Lovely biscuits
Once you have tried these you will buy more they are very more ish
These are lovely. The caramel is a bit hard however all toghether very good!
kit kat
i love kit kat because they are crunchy and are mouth watering and with this i could taste the salted caramel and i would prefer if it had more caramel inside it, i do recommend it to enjoy as a family or to give to friends.
Some flavours are better than others
Really nice and could eat a whole box of the hazelnut flavour but the salted caramel is not as salty or as caramelly as I would like
Loved the caramel taste, nice little mix up from the normal kit kat.
Perfect for a chocolate fix
These are perfect for that moment when the sugar craving hits. Little packets of uniqueness that are just the right size to hit the spot. Only thing is if the box is fiddly to close so you end up eating more .
Yummy little treat
The salted caramel goes well with the overall KitKat taste and makes it extra indulgent. Great little sizes for a mini treat or to share.
Great love the salted caramel flavour, great to have as a treat.
Great for Sharing
This delicious box of KitKats is really great for sharing because contains lots of individually wrapped mini KitKat. May the box looks small but it is totally full. I tried the mixed box, but Salted Caramel flavour is my favourite.
Love these, great new addition to the kit kat family. Great salted caramel flavour and a good sized box to share too. I'd definitely recommend these to salted caramel fans, they won't disappoint!
Don't buy these if you are on a diet!!!!
I have one word to describe these - MOREISH. I wasn't sure whether I was going to like them, but they are delicious.
Nothing Special
These are nice little fancy kitkat bite things but they're nothing particularly special. Yes, they're tasty but there are many far superior products out there that I'd probably chose first.
Nice... But the hazelnut ones are better
These are nice little choccies but not a patch on the hazelnut ones!
Tiny bites of heaven
These are delicious and very moreish! Get a good quantity in the box, however they can be pricey if not on offer! The box is very different and quirky.

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