4.3 5 0 26 26 Vegetarian chorizo sausage made with rehydrated textured soya protein, red pepper, tomato purée and smoked paprika.
Linda McCartney Chorizo Sausage
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Tasty sausages
Very tasty sausages with a little bit of a kick with the spice!
Unusual after taste
These sausages are much the same as the plain ones from Linda McCartneys, but they have an odd after taste which I found really off putting. Texture is fine, just need the flavour tweaking a bit.
Nom nom NO !
I love this Brand as a rule - good texture , good smell , good colour and maintained shape during cooking . I was so hopeful and excited to try this flavour . No thank you is my answer to these . I didn’t like these
Taste lovely
Tastes like real meat and I have not even missed the real meat taste since using these
I'm not a vegetarian but I do eat a lot of meat substitutes. These were not nice at all. Really dry and the flavor was nothing like Chorizo. I hate to waste food but I cooked three and couldn't eat more than the first one.
I absolutely love these. They're not always available in the shop I go to. So when I do see them I jump on them to buy them. I gave 4 stars only because when I considered that I wouldn't go out of my way to find a shop that stocks them, it made me think they can't be 5 stars!!!
Not work for me
Wanted to try this sausage as i regularly buy the Lincolnshire sausages by the same brand snd are happ with those. Unfortunately these do not live up to the same standard as the Lincolnshire ones. The taste did not agree with me. Ive never eaten chorizo sausages before so cannot compare but not for me
Love these beauties! My favourite way to have them is in pasta or rice. Very tasty flavours and nice texture!
fantastic product
i really love these so tasty great with mash and veg or in a pasta bake or salad
Lovely food
This flavour of the Linda McCartney sausages is the best in my opinion. Filled with flavour and very tasty! Would recommended to anyone who is a vegetarian!!
Delicious ...
I buy the often, I love the flavour of them and they are so versatile fr,m a sausage sandwich to a casserole or even chopped as a pizza topping, they are perfect and they taste so good.
so tasty
Yes these are vegetarian and no they are not completley like normal sausages. However they are meaty and very tasty and have a great texture. some veggy sausages can taste just like a hash brown and be carby but these actually have the same texture as meat and they are great!
These have got to be one of the best vegetarian sausage products i've tried, I would choose these over meat even! I had these at a friend's house recently (vegetarian) and didn't miss meat at all, really tasty and well worth the money.
Good for sandwiches
I like most of the Linda McCartney sausages and these didn't disappoint. They had lots of flavour and were quick under the grill, too. I used them to make hot dogs.
Really Good
Really great, alternative to her plain veggie sausages. They cook easily, in the oven, microwave on the BBQ or even in casseroles. They stay in their shape and are a perfect vegetarian option. They have a little bit of a kick and I love them.

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