Linda McCartney Chorizo Sausage

4.1 5 0 59 59 Vegetarian chorizo sausage made with rehydrated textured soya protein, red pepper, tomato purée and smoked paprika.
Linda McCartney Chorizo Sausage


Delicious and filling
These are the best vegetarian sausages I have come across. They are unique in flavour and go down a treat in my house. They are very popular amongst my family and my friends. Soft and tender.
These taste like beanburger, rather than chorizo. Not at all spicy.
Good flavour
I like the flavour of these sausages, they're good for adding to paella or pasta dishes. They have a nice colour and aroma. The texture is the same as other LM sausages and isn't the most authentic.
I keep these in all the time. Great flavour and texture. Very good.
Very tasty, moist and spicy but I cant say i can taste the chorizo however they are lovely meat alternative. Will buy again and will recommend
Very Tasty!
I struggle with a lot of vegetarian food but these are really good. Great flavour and not too dry.
These are a tasty and juicy sausage. Having always been veggie I can't compare them to real chorizo, but I enjoy them
Not Very Tasty
I found these to have a rubbery and dry texture that wasn't very pleasant. Also they were very bland for chorizo sausages. If you're looking for alternatives to meat, then they're edible, but don't expect anything great.
Not to my taste
I am trying to become a bit more healthy and would try vegan products regularly but I found these to be very dry and tasteless. Wouldn't buy myself but could be to people's taste
chorizo rreview
i like chorizo its got a nice taste and my family like it aswell we have it with salads and mince along with other foods
If you like(d) Chorizo...
If you like/liked chorizo then you'll probably like this. As far as I remember this tastes just like the meat version of chorizo. Unfortunately I don't actually like chorizo so I didn't like this, but it is edible and if you actually like chorizo then it's a good product.
Chorizo sausage
We did not know what to expect but where going to try it anyway . I'm afraid it's not gor us I thought it was rubbery and had a very bitter taste
Ok but not that good
I found these slightly bland without much flavour. Quite a dry texture and with a slightly acidic after taste. Therefore I would not buy these again for myself and would only buy them if I had guests over who were vegan
Great for vegans and non-vegans
Whether you're a vegan or a meat eater, I would highly recommend these. Linda McCartney's was the first brand to convince me that meat substitutes can actually taste as good as the 'real' thing, and these, along with the rosemary and red onion ones, are the best of the bunch. Perfect blend of rich flavour and a hint of spice.
The best Linda McCartney veggie sausages!
Linda McCartney have a number of sausage varieties which I have tried. I enjoy them all but the chorizo & red pepper sausages are easily my favourite. They have a lovely slightly smokey flavour. I've served them to meat eating friends who also love them so that says a lot about how nice they are!!

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