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Shedded Pancakes
I had these as a replacement to duck in shedded duck pancakes, I have to say I was pleasantly surprise! You can tell the difference but not in a bad light. I felt they made a very good and tasty sustitute. The flavouring was very similar as well. All in all was very good!
Me and my daughter used this for a stirfry and it was amazing!! Very tasty with a good texture. Challenge your meat eating friends to taste the difference!!
I couldn't tell the difference
I tried this a few weeks ago and I thought it was amazing. I used to eat meat so am familiar with duck and I could not tell the difference (apart from not finding bones in my dinner!) I will definitely be having this again and telling people about it
Great vegan choice
Trying to eat more vegan food, this was a great buy. Can be sold in a pre made pack with pancakes, sauces and vegetables but this is much better value. Good taste and consistency is close to duck.
I love replica meat, as a vegan I find that I get a lot of my protein from these so love it when they taste delicious too! This for me is the best fake meat I have tasted on the market! I've been putting it into all of my meals at the moment, and my friends who eats meat said she wouldn't even know the difference. Great value for money as there is a lot more in the bag than there seems!
Yummy vegetarian food
It's very difficult to find interesting new vegetarian food that's not full of bad stuff. This is the exception. It could be healthier but the flavour and textures are both good. My meat eating partner enjoyed this too!
Not my favourite Linda McCartney product
Not my favourite Linda McCartney product - I picked up the shredded chicken and duck as I love a new veggie product to try, but this was just disappointing. The pieces are small and very rubbery, and it's expensive for only enough for two portions. I added extra hoisin sauce which helped with the flavour, but I found this product a lot of money for what you get
Better than no "duck"
I was super excited to find this product in the vegetarian section of the supermarket. I proceed to buy all the other ingredients to make hoisin "duck" pancakes, which used to be a favourite of mine as a meat eater. I was disappointed at the size of the pieces. Rather than long strands they were very small chips, bordering on crumbs. The spices used are delicious and it does taste authentic, albeit chewy. I wouldn't mind the chew so much if the pieces were larger. I'm afraid that the remainder of the packet has been sitting in my freezer and I'm tempted to it throw into a stew.
Not duck but still delicious
The texture is nothing like duck - slightly rubbery but I like the chewiness. Already flavoured and tastes really nice. Easy to prepare and flexible, not just for duck pancakes. I'm not vegetarian but I like this anyway because it's quicker, cheaper and healthier
Love this!
Love this as a quick, easy meal. Really simple to make and tastes delicious. The only downside is the texture isn't crispy as you would expect from duck but I would definitely recommend!
Amazing product
I loved this meat substitute, like always this brand delivers. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is the value for money factor: the package it's not that big, and the price is a bit high. Besides that, flavour and texture were amazing!
Soooo yummy
So yummy and SO easy to cook. I had mine with cucumber and wraps, but couldn’t find the thin pancake wraps like you get with a Chinese takeaway! 😩 didn’t make it any less yummy though. I would give the texture an 7/10 as it wasn’t as tough/crispy as I’d have liked it (obviously it’s personal preference). You get so much in the bag as well, definitely feeds a few people!
I love this stuff! It's great in crispy duck pancakes. I fry til slightly crispy, add finely sliced spring onion, celery, cucumber etc and a dollop of extra hoisin sauce. Perfect! I just wish they did bigger bags of it!
The Linda McCartney vegetarian range is a perfect alternative for non-meaters (or those who perhaps want to try a non-meat option). My partner is veggie so I'm always on the look out for substitutes that still allow us to eat the same meal. The LM Hoisin Duck is great for using in Chinese pancakes with cucumber, spring onion, and extra hoisin sauce.
Really nice flavour & not too dry. Had it with couscous & liked it a lot. Only complaint is the high price

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