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This is my favourite chocolate by far. It melts on your tongue.
Lovely chocolate and very moorish and rich but so tasty and smooth
Lovely Lindor
Bought this on impulse as it was on sale and was glad I did, Really smooth chocolate and nice size of bar. I would definitely buy again.
These chocolate bars are amazing! I absolutely LOVE Lindt chocolate. The chocolate is so creamy and full of flavour. The size of the bar is perfect for a chocolate fix.
Delicious. I love the way the filling feels colder on the tongue.
Best Chocolate
I love the taste of this chocolate, i buy them all the time! As my sister introduced me to them last year. I rate them a 10/10.
Creamy treat
This chocolate is beautifully indulgent! So creamy, it tastes fab. It's convenient in a pack and if you don't want to eat it all you can break of what you want and leave the rest.
Chocolate heaven
They had this on special offer I think they were either £1 or £1.50 a great deal for 4 of these little magical melt in the mouth bars. I had to stock up for myself and you giveaway as little treats. Ever so delicious I just love the way they melt in the mouth. Molten chocolatey goodness, superb! I can taste it now!🙌
Beautiful and perfect size
One of my favourite chocolate bars. Perfect size for the indulgence needed without having a large box. My go to option when I can find them
Quality chocolate with creamy taste
I absolutely love these chocolate bars. They taste like pure indulgence, the centre is lovely and creamy. These are more expensive than other chocolate bars but are definitely worth it. Whenever I want a treat this is what I buy. I would highly recommend this to all chocolate lovers.
Lindt Lindor 4 Milk Chocolate Bars
Another great product from Lindor, my daughters favourite and can't get enough :)
Great creamy taste
The creamyness I have come to expect from Lindor in a bar. My only complaint is I wanted more. My son loves these as a treat. Perfect bite size pieces and easy to break each section apart,
4 snacksize bars appeal to me as I used them as a treat. I have chocolate is creamy and utterly devine
What’s not to love?
All the melt-in-your-mouth creamy goodness of Lindor, in a chocolate bar, x 4! Life is too short not to at least indulge in one of these once, there is honestly nothing that rivals Lindor in my opinion. Definitely one of Lindts best products to date 😍
Simply delicious
Love them all from Lindt Lindor, but the milk chocolate is my absolute favorite

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