4.6 5 0 37 37 A powerful blend of 3 pure clays plus charcoal
L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Detox Mask
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It's just brilliant
I wouldnt use any other mask !it has done amazing things to my skin. It gets all the junk out of it and leaves it feeling fresh and soft. I sometimes apply it to spots and it helps minimise them with just 1 use Highly recommend
Pore shrinker
This does help shrink large pores and you do see the difference after one use. Can be hard to clean off once dried but its a good product that does what it claims.
On my 3rd jar!
One of the best charcoal clay masks I've used and I've tried many! Easy and smooth application this mask unveils a more clarified complexion which works great with my oilier acne-prone complexion.
Brilliant mask for a great price
I have enjoyed many of these masks from their 'Pure Clay' range. Nice ideas to use the correct mask for each part of your face. Have re-purchased
Great mask!
That's my new favourite! Didn't expected that face mask for 8£ can be good as it is. I have a combination dry skin, so really difficult to have a right one. This mask leaves your skin cleaned, refreshed. It absorbed in a skin very quickly so no need put much. It dries fast, so be quick. Wash off with warm water and let skin dry it. Recommend this product. It helped clean out my pores, calm down breakouts, lighten my acne scars a little, and it did add a little glow.
Great detox mask for all skin types even dry skin. Isn't drying or stripping.
Leaves my skin feeling amazing
I love how easy this was to apply, it glides on to your skin. After leaving it on for a few minutes I could feel it starting to set. At no point was it uncomfortable. Removing was easy I used a face cloth and then just splashed my face with cold water.
Like it
I used this mask long time ago but still happy to back to it
If you’re wanting to try any of the masks from the L’Oreal collection then this definitely has to be it. For the price point this mask is insane. I usually apply it before getting in the shower, it tightens your pores and just generally leaves your skin feeling firmer and smoother. Generally I can get 10-12 applications of this mask, it feels good on the skin and works effectively
Great Face Mask!
I am currently using this mask once a week to detox my face and it is the only charcoal face mask I have used that doesn’t dry my face out and really clears my skin. Highly recommended!
Face mask
This is a really great face mask I think it’s really cool that it comes in the color black, it leaves your pores very clean and the face Dewey and glowing I really recommend it to anybody looking for a facemask.
Regular buy
I love how brilliant this is at detoxing and how my skin just loves this I love the fact I felt as thow it was easy to apply and that once removed I felt like aload if dirt and grime had been removed
So clean
I have loved this mask since it launched. I love using this twice a week for a deep clean. After using, my face feels so fresh and actually still comfortable and not dry at all.
love it
love this mask really makes a difference to face clears it up and quickly
Fun little facemask!
Really enjoyed when the mask drys that it shows the impuritys it's pulling from your skin - can really see it working! Can be alittle drying on skin if you over use although this will be different depending on your skin type.

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