4.4 5 0 40 40 A powerful blend of 3 pure clays plus charcoal
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This is a great mask considering the price , takes a while to dry but really cleanses your skin and feels great afterwards, I use it when I have breakouts and it really helps dry up oily skin skin
Love this mask, my skin really feels cleaner and looks brighter after use.
Fresh faced
Nice and refreshing face mask left my skin feeling clean and fresh faced, Didn't overly dry out my skin and was very quick and easy to use. Bit of a facemask addict so its another to add to my collection which isn't too much of a splurge
Love love love!!
I absolutely love the L'Oréal face masks! With this one, you can actually see it working on your face. It smells amazing and you can definitely get more than 10 uses from it!!
The Best of Its Kind
This product is without a doubt the best of it's kind. It's easy to apply and remove and I personally have personally had far more than the recommended 10 uses out of it. You can actually see where your skin is starting to expel all of the black and white heads and pores after around 10-15 minutes, and leaves my skin feeling and looking perfect!
I love L’oreals new clay masks. You instantly see a difference in your skin!
I have both this mask last year, to check if will be working for me, because i love L'Oreal Products, but this one for me is not working at all.
I love a good mask but I’m not sure what’s the difference between this and some less expensive detox masks
I love this mask, mess free you can visibly see it working I am on my 3rd one
nice product but cant say i saw much difference after using it
smells of charcoal is thick and goes on so easy. Spreads and covers face well once dried you can see the pores it has got into and helps reduce them. This is good but not my favorite of the 3. You only need a small amount and works well using a brush, it starts drying fast so after 5 minutes you can be done.
The product smells great, the coverage of the product is just amazing! I only used a small bit to cover my WHOLE face. My skin has been terrible but this has just rejuvinated my skin. I've tried so many different products and never been satisfied. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE
Lovely products! Makes the skin so tight i feel like ive just had a face lift
Great product. Easy to apply, does not irritate skin. It really feels like its working and leaves skin soft and glowing.
Bought this on offer in Boots. It's easy to apply and made my skin feel lovely and soft. I would definitely recommend this.

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