4.3 5 0 27 27 Maggi Italian Herbs Seasoned Cooking Papers for Tender Chicken have been relaunched with a new brand name, previously known under the Maggi So Tender brand, and repackaged in an updated 23g pack featuring a recipe suggestion. Described as vibrant and flavoursome, this product contains basil, tomato and oregano, and is free from hydrogenated vegetable oil and artificial colours.
Maggi Italian Herbs Seasoned Cooking Papers for Tender Chicken
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Simple solution
I'd never bought anything like this but had to queue in an aisle that I don't usually check due to COVID restrictions and saw these on sale. Was carefully considering which flavours to try when the person behind me piped up to say this one was great. I agree - easy to use, cuts down on cleaning up, and resulted in tasty, tender chicken.
I bought this trying to switch up dinners and was pleasantly surprised, so easy to use and minimal clean up and the flavour was delicious. Def but again
Simple to use
Adds really nice flavor to meat simple to use and good value when on offer
Easy to use
Adds something to the dish without any hassle. Easy to use .
Very good
It is easy and quick to prepare. The chicken is tasty and juicy. Perfect for a quick meal.
Mrs Sacda
Wow this is my best and the only Herbal I use Magical. I recommended my friends
Brilliant idea, when I brought them I wasn't really expecting much and didn't think they would work as good as they did, very surprised, told my daughters about them and they tried them and was pleasantly surprised too, worth a try.
I recommend this product. I like to cook myself, but sometimes I like to make my life easier and then I reach for this chicken in herbs is delicious, aromatic and moist I eat
So tasty!
It good for a everyday meal tbh, quick and easy with hurting flavours. Allows the chicken or whatever meat you’d use to soak it up and cook it moist enough. Would recommend trying!
these are really nice
this is so simple and easy to use and make great after a long day at work. liked the idea of the bag too less washing up and it made it really tasty and juicy highly recommend as all the family enjoyed
Great quick tea
This is so simple and easy to make for tea, espically after work or on the school run! It's really tasty and would suit adults and children, it's also not too expensive and really easy to use.
Good taste chicken, not dry Good alternative for quick dinner
My fave!
I absolutely love this. It’s my go to on a longgg day, its flavoursome and quick and the family live it with a side of cous cous and salad. Just follow the instructions to the dot and you can’t go wrong
Loved it
I was a bit hesitant using this but the chicken came out so tender and juicy and it was so flavoursome!! Since then I've been buying all the other flavours whenever I see them and look forward to using them!
i liked it
I like it very much. Perfect for a fast dinner for a whole family. Chicken comes out very aromatic and so juicy! Smells and tastes amazing. Great idea for a dinner or even lunch.

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