4.4 5 0 7 7 AROMATIC, INTENSE, SILKY Maille’s finely crafted olive oil with truffle, adds refinement to every table and dish
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Love truffle, didn't like this
As an oil it's fine but the flavour of truffle was not good. It seemed very 'artificial' in flavour to me. Obviously that could just be my palette but I wouldn't buy it again. I thought it was also a bit expensive.
This is a great truffle oil - it has a great flavour which doesn't dissipate. I would mention that although their are real truffle pieces in the oil, there is also flavouring used rather than just real truffle. This is fairly normal for truffle oil but it is quite expensive considering flavouring is used.
I love truffle oil
Win win for me. I love mixing this with balsamic vinegar and dipping bread in it. Yummy! Also, I add this to my pasta and also when I am cooking any type of meat. Be careful, if you love truffle this gets addictive!
Very tasty
This is expensive but the quality of oil is top notch perfect for a salad dressing very tasty.
Real piece of Truffle !
This oil is a bit expensive but you are getting real piece of Truffle and the bottle is fairly big. Would recommend
I made some homemade handcut chips topped with parmesan and the truffle oil as a just a touch really made it pop !! Its poured a little too quickly for me but then again that may have been me.
So tasty
So tasty. This oil is absolutely Devine when simply dipping bread. Gave a wonderful added depth of taste to pasta too. It’s a lovely quality oil. I’d certainly buy it again, and highly recommend to anyone who’s an olive oil fanatic as am I.

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