Method Passion Fruit Daily Shower Spray

4.6 5 0 110 110 Effortlessly maintain the gleam on your clean tiles with our daily shower spray. With Powergreen® technology, it dissolves and prevents soap scum without you having to worry about chemical residues.
Method Passion Fruit Daily Shower Spray


Love it
This leaves your bathroom smelling amazing like and sparkling clean, highly recommend
Eco friendly shower spray
It helps prevent build up of scale in the shower and makes my life easier. Smells very strong and I enjoy this fragrance.
Great on tiles
I found it quite tiring having to spray the whole tiled area in my shower as constantly pulling the spray tired my hands, also I found leaving it on at least for an hour worked well to get rid of the built up soap scum. Smells great but the fragrance disappears after a shower.
Love this lovely smell that lasts just used in bathroom its fab!
Love it
I love this in the shower works really well and smells amazing, several of my friends are now using it sorry forgot to take a picture before I finished this bottle
This has such a beautiful passion fruit scent. And doesn't smell chemically at all kike ma y other options on the market. I ised this while pregnant and found it a really good product and didn't make me ill either.
I love this spray in the bathroom, beautiful scent, very effective cleaning results and always find Method a reliable brand
Amazing smell.
I love this method spray because it does the job great and it safe for me and my family as it is non toxic and doesn't have nasty, harmful substances. It smells fantastic. My bathroom looks spotless after using it.
This range is so safe for my family because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that trigger asthma and respiratory problems. The product works as well as any of the harmful sprays, so it’s a no-brained. Smells great and is easy to use.
Love method
I just love the method range and this stuff is amazing. A simple spray after each shower keeps it germ free and clean and smelling lush. Even the kids are in the habit of spraying after they use it. Lasts a while and none toxic so win win
Best daily shower spray!
I absolutely love this stuff! I have used a few other brands in the past but this has to be the best daily spray so far! Smells amazing and does a great job break down soap scum! 100% recommend!
Great product
I think everyone loves this brand as they are really great quality products and also smell amazing. I will keep buying them
Non-Toxic Great Smelling
I love Method. It is non toxic. It is a great size. This scent is lovely. It is the best shower spray that I've found and I've tried a fair few. Good size, good value.
Very impressed
Love this shower cleaner. Smells gorgeous and being non toxic is a + Works really well for daily shower/bathtub cleaning. I’m a bit obsessed with it as really love the smell afterwards. Would definitely recommend
Method Shower Spray - smells gorgeous!
I love any kind of fruity smell so that was an immediate win. This is basically like shower shine (does that exist now) but smells nicer and is a bit more eco friendly. It does as it says, spray and rinse, but can still leave it a bit streaky. I'm not massively fussy about that so would buy it again.

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