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Nakd Cola Raisins
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Crazy cola raisins
Crazy cola raisins are nice and sweet, packet is small but enough to allow you to have a good snack. Good flavour and good aftertaste.
Great snack
I really like these raisins as they taste quite nice and are a nutritious snack. I try to keep one in my bag for a quick snack on the go.
Feels like a treat
I enjoy these raisins as they have sweet taste not only from the fruit but from the cola taste infused into them. They give the classic raisin a little bit more appealing. I would recommend trying these.
Great lunchbox snack
These are very tasty and a great size for lunchboxes. Plus my children always feel like they're having something they shouldn't as they're cola flavoured so they're even more popular.
Cola Raisins
I loved these, really tasted like cola, nice little change from normal raisins for a bit of a healthy afternoon snack
Bit of an odd concept
I saw these on sale and thought it was such a weird concept I just had to try them. They're great - kind of zingy. Plus it's all fruit and no added sugar. It's the perfect size for a snack.
Nakd Cola Raisins Are really tasty
Nakd Cola Raisins Are really tasty had these a few times fancied something different in my lunch box. Like the flavour/texture and size of the packet made a change from plain raisins or yoghurt coated-highly recommend giving them a try if you like the cola flavour!
Bit weird
Wanted to like them and maybe they might grow on me but they are a bit odd tasting. Can’t really see the point in them.
These are just ok
Tried these when they were on sale and although edible I wouldn't pay full price. They are no substitute to a cola jelly sweet!
Naked Raisins
I've bought these a few times and they've always been good. I wasn't expecting much at first but they taste exactly like cola bottle sweets which is great if you're trying to cut back on sugary snacks. The amount you get in a pack is very generous compared to some of the smaller raisin boxes you can buy in the supermarket
Not the best...
I tried these expecting them to taste like cola but they just tasted very artificial and I would eat them if I had to but I would not buy them every again. They're not for me, unfortunately.
Tasty snack
Great snack to eat when you want something different.
Love them
I love these. The cola flavour is not too sweet or overwhelming. Great for a snack or to satisfy a sweet craving.
Cola raisins
Great taste. Great snack for lunch boxes or for snack on the go. Would definitely buy again.
Odd taste combination
I personally didn’t like the taste of these. The combination of flavours was unusual and didn’t mix well. On a positive note, these are a much healthier alternative to other snacks!

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