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Nakd Wheat & Dairy Free Apple Danish Multipack
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One of my favourites
These are one of my favourite Nakd bars. If you like the taste of apple pie or strudel you will like these. They are fairly heavy on the spices so not for everyone but are nice in small doses.
Nakd bars make the best flavours
I have nakd bars all the time, I find them great to keep in my bag for a snack and also use them cycling, this is yet again another great flavour, I love that they are wheat and dairy free, as I have to avoid both , really highly recommend
Another one of the Nakd range. I buy this and most of the Nakd range on a regular basis. Great lunchbox additions. Would recommend, as this one is a particular family favourite
Lovely flavour especially the cinnamon. They were on offer at supermarket good time to try new products. Lots of goodness in a little bar.
Just delicious and real food...no e e es on it..really love it..
Great flavour
Love this range and these also do not disappoint. They taste exactly like apple danish but without the calories! Only thing that would make them better is a lower price tag but still buy them.
Gorgeous and Healthy!
I love nakd products, so was super excited to try the Apple Danish Bar. It did not disappoint. The apple flavour is natural and gorgeous, and the oats make the bar a filling and satisfying breakfast/snack. The apple chunks are my favourite part. Highly recommend this and other nakd products.
Tasty healthy treat
The apple Danish bar tastes as you'd expect - like a Danish pastry. The texture is good and moist. It is ideal to have mid morning with a cuppa, or to take out on a walk for an energy boost. Being wheat and dairy free, it is available to much of the population too.
Apple pie party in your mouth
Picked these up not hoping for anything amazing, just a healthy snack, boy was I wrong! As soon as I opened the packet, the apple smell hit me! A smell to make your mouth water. If you've ever tried Nakd bars before you know what kind of texture they have, raw sticky texture. The Apple danish was the same, but the taste of it was so moorish that it makes you want to eat more than one. Defo a recommend, but buy them when they are on offer as they can be expensive.
Really testy and fruity
I tried this product already couple of times with my family. We all really enjoyed it. It's really fruity and tasty and it keeps you full for long time. I keep buying it now more often so everyone can enjoy it in our home.
One of my favourite gluten and dairy free on the go snacks, really tasty, fills you up and without too many calories. Definitely worth trying.
If you're looking for a 'healthier' alternative to your usual breakfast/snack bar, look no further. The Apple Danish nakd bar is my favourite of the range, tasting as much like the real thing without the added calories of a pastry! Great for the mid-morning desk slump, and no doubt packed lunches too.
Bought this for my son because he is allergic to cow milk proteins but he didn't like it but perfect for me when have cravings for sweets
I like all Nakd bars and love they have no added sugar. These have a nice apple flavour with a caramel twang nice to satisfy a craving in a more healthy way.
One of my absolute favourite healthy snacks of all time. They taste amazing

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