4.6 5 0 91 91 Box Bowls is a convenient single-serve portion of cereal in an innovative new cube-shaped box. The unique format lets you eat cereal straight from the box, just add milk to the bag in the box. Each Box Bowls Selection Pack includes Shredded Wheat Bite Size, Original Shreddies, Frosted Shreddies, Multigrain Cheerios, Honey Cheerios and Nesquik. The innovative packaging has also been designed with the environment in mind: the cartons can be widely recycled, plus the bag and over-wrap film can be recycled with plastics. Now available in Morrisons.
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Breakfast on the go
We buy theses cereals for on the go breakfasts for my daughter to eat between swim training and home. Perfect to avoid spilt milk. The only downside is she can polish off 4 boxes easily.
A fab fave
My children are very fussy when it comes to cereal, it can be hard to get them to eat breakfast at all. These are nice, as a treat, the children are happy to eat them. The only downside is them not being overly healthy, which is why we dont buy them too often.
Love these
Me and my child love these cereal's . Got a good choice and they are very nice
Good for all
I love nestle cereal and so do my children it out favourite brand with all the best choices
Great product
Love these! Great for taking on holiday especially with kids. Bought these to take on a caravan holiday and everyone loved them. I would like too see other cereals available just for a bit more variety.
Great selection
Nice selection of cereal, some of our favourites,amd other not tried before getting this pack. Very handy to have in the cupboard. Great for camping and the caravan. Kids and adults favourites.
perfect for holidays and toddler breakfasts
I tried these from my local supermarket I think they are a great product as usually we just throw the cardboard straight into the recycling bin however at least with these it serves a better purpose before being disposed of.It also saves on dishes which is a bonus with toddlers.It has all of our favourite cereals too.My only critiscm is that I don't think they are worth £2.I have seen them in bargain shops for £1 though which is the amount I would be willing to pay for them.I also think these will be perfect when we are on holiday in the uk.
Very convenient
I picked these up for my little girl who's only 2 as she loves helping with breakfast. They are great as she can help open and prepare them. Great portion size for her and less mess too. I like them too to grab on the go at work
Great for camping
These were brilliant for camping. A great selection and good value for money. I would buy these again.
Useful for camping, not much else
I bought these for camping as I thought they would save washing up and they did prove very useful for this purpose (although the portion size is quite small). I don't think I'd buy them for daily use. I would also appreciate more variety of Nestle cereals in these 'variety' packs.
A bit pointless
Tried these cereal boxes as thought they seemed a brilliant idea. Fab concept, but I find the portions are really small and not really sure if they are worthwhile. They aren’t really essential for me but could work for other people.
We camp quite alot so these come in very handy, a plastic spoon would be even better.
breakfast time
these are really handy with a good quantity inside, the price however lets it down, I think they would benefit with being a little cheaper
Cereal boxes
My daughter loves these, especially for her supper. She has a learning disability and they give her independence ( her choice, no messing about with pots and she can't over do the milk.
Cool cereal
My daughter liked the fact she could eat the cereal out of the packet. It was a bit of a novelty. I wouldn't buy them regularly, I might purchase as a treat if they were on offer. Not really worth the full retail price.

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