4.7 5 0 48 48 Box Bowls is a convenient single-serve portion of cereal in an innovative new cube-shaped box. The unique format lets you eat cereal straight from the box, just add milk to the bag in the box. Each Box Bowls Selection Pack includes Shredded Wheat Bite Size, Original Shreddies, Frosted Shreddies, Multigrain Cheerios, Honey Cheerios and Nesquik. The innovative packaging has also been designed with the environment in mind: the cartons can be widely recycled, plus the bag and over-wrap film can be recycled with plastics. Now available in Morrisons.
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Kids love choosing a different one every morning
Less arguments at breakfast time! Kids actually look forward to seeing what cereal they can have for breakfast and they are the perfect portion size too. It encourages them to make breakfast themselves and I have no fear about finding the contents of the cornflake box all over my kitch floor hahah!
Fantastic idea!
These cereal boxes are great for out and about. Instant and no need for a bowl. We recently took some on holiday for our little one- helped us out loads!
small box ceral
wow these are great for taking caravan grandkids have loads of choice and no big boxes to carry home or package left open to go soft
Children love them!
I buy these mini boxes occasionally as a treat for the children. It's a great way to get them to eat healthier breakfast cereals and they feel like they're special because of the individual boxes. They're also great for adults for portion sizes.
Take me back to my childhood with the variety pack. Would not be a regular purchase as works out dearer but ok for the odd time.
Great for on the go
These are perfect for the kids in the morning when running late so qick and simple and the fact theres no washing up is a bonus I don't think this product needs any improvement.
very good
my kids saw this at a sleepover and wanted us to try. ok if you are on a camping holiday or similar I suppose, otherwise I just think that its too expensive for the average family to use regularly. much prefer to buy favourite brands in large boxes.
Nestle Cereal Box mix
I love these cereal mix packs. It's especially useful if you can't decide which full box cereal you would like to have everyday. I find these are really useful if you have children who like lots of different cereals. Would definitely recommend to others.
When i was a little kid i loved these multi packs and i still do, i know the product is mostly for kids however i feel like for adults and teenagers the small quantity in each box does not feel like enough when i put one box in my bowl for my breafast it is not enough i need at least two boxs.
Cereal on the go
I love these. They're so handy to take to work. You literally open it up pop the milk in and you're ready to eat. Nice size portions and plenty of room for the milk unlike some other brands. 10/10
Nestle cereal box
Tried it...great for all the family...something for everyone's taste!
#New fav
These are so convenient, and makes sure you cannot over induldge and Nestle's cereal are really addictive that its sometimes easy to add a bit more than one serving in. This means less dishes too. So easy and convenient and its at an affordable price, what's not to love?
Handy portion sizes for kids
Bought these last week for kids good portion size very much similar to Kellogg’s only slightly bigger box. Can put your milk in the bag of cereal as stated but would get messy
Making student life better
As a student its great to find foods that you can throw into a bag and take on the go and dont take up too much space in the cupboard, these hit the mark. I would only suggest that the plastic packaging is reduced slightly!
Innovative and fun!
I love being able to try all different kinds of cereal, as going through one big box can get boring, so this is perfect! Kids would love being able to eat from the box, and actually adults like me too who want to avoid as much washing up as possible!

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