4.5 5 0 91 91 Feel the power of kaolin clay in every shower in a daily body wash that perfectly balances deep cleansing, freshness and care. With a sophisticated, fresh Ginger & Basil scent, the clay formula deeply cleanses skin without causing it to feel dry, leaving your skin feeling pure, deeply clean and noticeably velvety-soft.
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Great smell
My overall opinion on this product is satisfied. I found the smell was great but not overpowering and what I most liked was the texture off the gel. i would defiantly recommend this product too family and friends. Yet too try the other smells
This shower gel has a fresh and warm smell, it looks like clay and has the smooth texture that you expect of a clay based product, it however foams up just like other shower gels. Its left my skin feeling amazing and deeply moisturised. A new favourite for me.
Smells amazing
My new favourite shower gel I love this shower gel smells amazing my skin feels so soft and fresh after use.
Soft skin!
It is a lovely cleansing shower cream with beautiful scent and excellent cleansing quality! The texture or consistency of the cream is perfect neither too runny or too thick! It lathers up nicely and leaving fresh, clean and soft skin behind!
Nice smell and good quality, good condition, little too small to try
I really liked this product! it was refreshing and it left my skin super clean.
"love it"
Absolutly love this product...easy to use, beautiful invigarating smell, that lasted well after use,left my skin clean fresh and lovely and soft..... would recommend and buy this product.
I have just tried this today as I had a sample sachet of it. It was not anything clay like, like I thought it would be! Just a pale green regular shower cream that was mildly scented, no strong aroma of either basil or ginger. Didn't leave my skin smelling scented but it left me clean and refreshed so yes I would buy and recommend.
Was a bit dubious of the fragrance until i opened it then wow it so refreshing and uplifting and left a lovely subtle fragrance on my skin afterwards
Nivea Clay wash
I have very dry, sensitive skin and this clay wash is fabulous it left my skin feeling soft and smells amazing. I also really liked the consistency of this product. Would definetly use it again and buy full size product.
It’s got a great smell and really lathers up into a nice amount of foam when in the shower, the only thing that I didn’t like as much was the thickness, it didn’t foam up as quickly as my other shower washes have previously. I really had to rub in together in my hands before applying otherwise I felt I’d loose most of it down the drain
Smells amazing, creamy and refreshing. Would definitely buy it.
Deep cleansing clay fresh
I was not sure at first how I felt about a clay product .... BUT I loved this product ! It made my skin feel soft to touc and didn't dry my skin out . It smells great. BUT the more I used it the more I wanted. I purchased some on offer at the local supermarket. ( I use this product every day in the shower)
A new favourite
I loved the texture and feel, it is different to other shower products and felt great. I loved the fragrance and how it made my skin feel. I will certainly start using this instead if my usual shower products.
Love it!
Received a sample from Nivea direct for this and i absolutely love it. My skin was so soft after just one use. Will definitely be purchasing In the future and would highly recommend

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