4.4 5 0 71 71 Old El Paso Seasoning Mix for Roasted Tomato & Pepper Fajita has been repackaged and now retails in a redesigned 30g pack that serves 3-4 persons and features the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram logos and preparation instructions. This medium hot tasting vegetarian product is preservative free and is ready in 15 minutes. It can be prepare by just adding 500g chicken breast, eight Old El Paso tortillas, one red bell pepper, Old El Paso Thick'N, one green bell pepper, chunky salsa for topping and one onion.
Old El Paso Seasoning Mix for Roasted Tomato & Pepper Fajita
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I enjoyed these. I don't really like peppers but they don't seem to be too bad tasting in this
Don't buy again
I usually love old el paso stuff but these aren’t all that. They smell disgusting while you’re cooking it and the flavors aren’t very nice. I’ll stick to the fiery jalapeno one in future, which is so much nicer than this one.
I think Old El Paso Seasoning Mix for Roasted Tomato & Pepper Fajita Is delicious. It’s my family’s favourite seasoning for chicken fajitas. I normally buy the wraps and sauces separately as there is not normally enough salsa in the box. However when on offer I buy this box mix as a back up in the cupboard. Recommended.
We're pleasant but found a bit dry ! Very good flavour thoh.
Never really sure why this is a product. It only contains some wraps and seasonings which are normally cheaper to buy separately. The flavour is okay and I guess the selling point but would be more long term if you made your own
amazing taste ! definitely will buy again and price is not bad so good when u don’t have time for 👩‍🍳 cook its amazing
I buy these every week!
The box has all the other bits you need, you just need to add what it says on the box. Yummy and Pretty healthy dinner. Mexicano
Old Elpaso fajita kit is awesome
Nothing more satisfying than watching the kids eyes light up when we have this. Absolutely delicious and simple to make. 10/10
Great if you make it vege
I love it ... really easy . And tastes great with peppers mushroom. Happy smiles from all I’m my house. It’s just really tasty ... would love if the product was a bit more eco friendly and cut down on the packaging
Tasty fajita kit
This kit is excellent, soft wraps, tasty salsa and seasoning. I’m vegetarian so I use onions, peppers and mushrooms. I add the seasoning and the salsa to the pan. It makes for a lovely filling. I prefer the salsa warm. It’s a little expensive, so I buy when on offer. Pepper flavour is my favourite.
Fajita kit
These are a regular in our house ,even the kids love these too ,I would highly recommend these to anyone there great for a quick easy meal
A family favourite
As a family we all enjoy this variant of wrap! They are quick and easy to make and are pretty versatile allowing you to add almost any ingredient to the meal. Highly recommended
Meal-saver kit
I occasionally buy this kit to have in my pantry, as it makes a quick and tasty dinner for those nights where I don't feel like cooking elaborate meals.
Would highly recommend. We love Mexican food in our house and this always goes down a treat. This kit is full of flavour. There is never any waste with this , infact everyone always fight over the left overs ! We all have different tolerances to spice levels in the house but this is manageable by us all. Well done Old ElPaso!
Yum yum for entire fam
I just love fajita because its not only tasty but its easy to make too. The kids love it as they get to be in charge of the kitchen with this easy recipe. Roasted tomato and pepper flavour with chicken and peppers is our family favourite and a clever way to feed some salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber to kids . Empty plate, happy kids, happy mummy.

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