4.3 5 0 10 10 Patak's new Lemon & Coriander Oven Bake is a quick & easy marinade. Made with fresh coriander, zesty lemon juice and a special blend of Patak's herbs and spices, it's the perfect way to easily create a delicious meal which is mild in heat level, but full of flavour.
Patak's Oven Bake Lemon & Coriander
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Not what i was expecting
The lemon and corriander flavour was completely overwhelmed by the curry flavouring for me. Maybe i was being a little niave with what i was expecting lol. If i ever bought it again i think i would try making a biyriani type dish with it and i think i might prefer that. Not for everyone!
Easy and delicious
Simple to prepare, serve with rice and some veg and it'll seem like you've spent hours measuring out spices and aromats to achieve such a great flavour. Zingy, with the right level of spice, this is a delicious sauce to keep handy in the cupboard.
best ever
this is one of the best oven bake sauces i have tried.so easy to use ,full of flavour.didnt have to add anything extra. perfect welldone pataks
Really nice flavour
Highly recommended. I have not got a tester but I bought it myself and my family loves this. The flavour is really nice.
This product is great! I have been looking for good food to try and this has been the best I could find! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to explore new tastes in their kitchen.
Great with Quorn chicken fillets
I used this product with veggie chicken and was really pleased with the results. It's a refreshing, cool flavour that goes well with cous cous and veggie's - a definite win in my house!
Nice taste
A very nice product that tastes and smells very nice
Super Tasty!
This is such an easy way of cooking a very tasty meal with very little preparation! It is definitely on my list for regular family meals - liked by the kids as well as us parents. Just served with some veg & rice. Easy on the waistline as well as the pocket!
Surprisingly Pleasing, Fresh, Clean, Family Meal
My personal taste is extra spicy and I love Patak's so I decided to give this a go / try something different (it is not extra spicy and does not claim to be) I had never tried oven cooked curry / spice previously. I followed the recipe / serving suggestion to the letter - using unboned chicken thighs. I absolutely loved it and it went down a storm. A really fresh, clean, full bodied dish with an element of spice. As the sauce was lemon & coriander based, I served it with a side of plain basmati rice, little gem lettuce (so it could be wrapped in the leaf) and chips (as a curry lover, an unlikely combo, but it worked perfectly). I would recommend this for adults who like limited spice and children as an entry level...Overall - I loved it.
Delicious flavours
I bought this just after Christmas to use up some left over turkey. It is quick and easy to use and the taste is fantastic. As the turkey was already cooked I reduced the cooking time and made sure that the food was piping hot. Served with warmed man bread it made a change from the usual turkey curry.

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