Potters Chesty Cough Pastilles 20 per pack

4.6 5 0 20 20 Potter's Chesty Cough Pastilles effectively relieve the symptoms of Catarrh, Coughs and Colds.
Potters Chesty Cough Pastilles 20 per pack


There are better things for decongesting, but these pastilles are very handy if you're busy
Great for cough season
Great handy packet. I would advise keeping a packet in the cupboard to be prepared for when a cough is arriving if you are like me and get chesty cough reqularly. They are very refreshing and make breathing feel easier. Recommended these a lot. They have a menthol taste which I like.
For a bad cough
Brilliant for when you have a bad cough I love the menthol taste too very good
Hits the spot!
Wow!! These are strong! The menthol is soothing on a sore throat and seems to break the cough well. But they are full on strong menthol. I like them but my husband couldn’t tolerate the menthol at all.
Stick to your teeth
These are so hard but yet are supposed to be pastilles. They do get soft but take ages to be able to chew and stick you your teeth and feel like they burn you mouth
As someone who has a history of chest and sinus infections I frequently suffer from chesty/phlegmy coughs. Since first trying these I have found them to be better than any other type I’ve ever used before. Not only do they help with the phlegm, but they are also great at softening tickly coughs and easing your breathing. Only a few months ago I had a bad chest infection that I thought might have been Covid due to how breathless I was and the constant coughing. During that month these were the only thing that eased my symptoms so I could breathe better. Highly recommend!
Potters Chesty Cough Pastilles works almost immediately. Taste alright compare to some other nasty pastilles. Price of this product is alright. I would recommend this product to others
Good to clear you up
These help when i am bunged up. They help sooth my throat and help remove the phlegm from my chest
Clears your nose
I use these to help clear my catarrh in damp cold weather. They have a nice strong vapour which soon helps to clear my nose and throat. When I have had colds or a sore throat they are really good at soothing that painful tickle. I always have a pack on stand by.
Very good pastilles
I used to buy different antiseptic coughing pills, but once saw those ones and they are really good, I had sore throat for few days, 3 pastilles a day and been much better, recommended
Quite effective
They are nice strong tasting pastilles that help to soothe a sore throat and help you to breathe easy. Its like getting a breath of fresh air when you’re desperately craving for one! I always keep them handy in my cabinet.
Potters Chest cough lozenges
These lozenges have a nice medicinal taste. They work effectively because the vapour is released into your nose and mouth at the same time. The lozenges are effective at relieving the pressure my cold without having to use other medicine whilst fighting the cold.
excellent cough sweets
I regularly use these when I have a cough it does NOT get rid of the cough but it helps with spurts of coughing fits these taste great I think they are what's called old fashioned recipe but who cares if they work and they do I have already recommended these to my family and now they all have a box in their meds cupboard on standby for the winter months
Eases the sore throats
Husband had man flu, brought various cough sweets but theses not only eased the soreness he had, he could talk a bit bit and had a nice smell to his breath that other sweets didn't give him. Taste nice, aided the sore throat, now keep a pack in bathroom cupboard ready to kill sore throats!
Potters cough pastilles
These really work! Eases chesty coughs and clears blocked passageways. Very strong menthol eucalyptus taste, but I love it! It feels as though all those nasty germs are being sterillised.

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