4.4 5 0 5 5 Rajah Dhaniya Whole Coriander Seeds are derived from the dried ripe seeds of the coriander plant and is described as an essential ingredient for garam masala and a host of other spice blends. The 100% pure, vegetarian product is said to be expertly sourced and selected, is free from artificial colours and additives, and is claimed to be made to the highest quality and up to safety standards. It retails in a 50g resealable pack.
Rajah Dhaniya Whole Coriander Seeds
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Good quality
Good quality and amount. After grinding it, the aroma was really intense and adds a lot to your dish.
Aromatic and flavorful
I liked this product a lot. Being a staple in Indian cuisine I've tried different brands of dhaniya seeds , and this one just his the notes. It's fresh , aromatic and full of flavour. It's just adds that oomph to your curries and chutney's.
Rajah Dhaniya Whole Coriander Seeds
Rajah Dhaniya Whole Coriander Seeds are great for throwing in your stew whole and they add a little punch into the meal. Healthy and nutritious. Good for grinding where required. Great for a curry with lamb. Reasonable price. Recommend
Great for curries
This is great to use in Indian curries as it bring out the coriander flavour needed. It can be placed in whole or you crush them together in mortal and pestle.
Clean and fresh
Very important in Kashmiri cuisines this little badboy, it can be used whole or ground to a powder. This brand has quality produce and comes in a sealable bag to keep it fresh for longer.

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