4.8 5 0 5 5 Rowse Snap and Squeeze Honey is mess free and perfect for breakfast on the go. Simply bend the sachet in half in the middle, snap and squeeze the honey out. Perfect on porridge, toast or with yoghurt.
Rowse Snap and Squeeze Honey Sachets
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Great for on the go
These are a fantastic alternative to the jars and squeezy bottles of honey I usually purchase. I use honey in my tea instead of sugar so it has been fantastic to be able to keep a few of these in my bag, it allows me to have honey whenever I get a cup of tea on the go or am visiting people and am offered a drink. Will be purchasing these regularly from now on. They are also great for adding to dishes when cooking, no more spoons in a jar, just break on of these in half over the pan. Great mess free alternative
Good product
I use these in a lot of my cooking. The individual packets are perfect as I don’t use honey for anything else !
I love this product!! It's so easy to use and we no longer have sticky drawers and cupboards. I use it for my porridge everymorning, Will never buy a normal honey pot again.
Honey used to be the hardest thing to store and take to work with you, but no longer. - enter this little marvel that makes it a breeze! Fancy honey on toast or in your tea / coffee? Now you can have it whenever and wherever you want thanks to the simply brilliant little idea!
I actually just tried these this morning, as I found them in the tea cupboard at work!! These are actually great, especially if you're on the go or if you have a shared kitchen and share ingredients. Honey in the big jar can often get quite sticky and crusty. It's not great for sharing with many people! These are lovely to pop in your handbag or have in your desk at work. No muss, no fuss! The only thing that did feel a bit odd because the packaging/way to open the honey was a bit different. In short, you have to fold the packaging in half and then it drips out of the middle. But, I had absolutely no issues and it wasn't messy - just wasn't used to it!!

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