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Ryvita Protein Red Quinoa & Sesame Crispbread
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Tasty but dry
We tried these and they were good with some sort of spread, but on their own they were a touch too dry
Delicious snack
I highly rated these crackers! They are very easy to have on the go and extremely tasty! They are also low in calorie so are much better to have for lunch than white bread!
Love the taste of this knowing that it is a healthy ryvita for my lunch at work. Like the taste and seeds. Also comes in individual packets so handy so the rest keep fresh
Great product
A really nice crispbread. Has more taste then traditional Ryvita and is great with hummus or Philadelphia.
Very tasty crispbreads
I love Ryvita! These are delicious and more flavour than a few of the others in this range. I have them with houmous but also nice with peanut butter and raspberry jam on. Definitley recommend them.
crisp breads
I have, in thepast eaten this flavour regularly as I was intrigued by the use of quinoa. however, to be honest I no long er purchase these crispbreads as I find them quite tasteless
Perfect lunch
Absolutely love the new range of Ryvita. Perfect for lunch when you just can’t face another slice of bread! I also think the person who came up with the ingenious idea of individual packetsneeds a pay rise! So handy, and fresh and mess free!
very yummy!
Really really enjoyed these! Filled me up and let me feeling like i'd been healthy! Winning.
Night shift snack
My night shift go to! These go perfectly with a little bit of Philadelphia when you’re feeling peckish through your shift but don’t want anything to heavy
This is lovely, I love Quinoa so when I saw this I went for it. It's got just the right balance of seeds and grains to make it a good, healthy lunch or snack. I would highly recommend it.
Love these lovely with some cream cheese on as a little snack.
Ryvita red quinoa & sesame crisp bread doe's not disappoint really really nice
Nicer than your average crispbread, more flavour than a traditional ryvita, more crunch than toast, more nuttiness (although it's really seed-iness) than a nutty thing, all round dang tasty - works very well with some Cathedral extra mature cheese spread & some pickle
No I haven't had the pleasure as of yet of trying this new flavour Ryvita. I love all the others so I am very interested in trying this for you and giving back my feedback
I really want to try these, they sound amazing for gym days. Where can I get them?

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