4.1 5 0 66 66 Look fresh in no time! Refresh your style between washes in an instant with got2b Fresh it Up extra fresh dry shampoo. It quickly cleans & refreshes your hair, leaving it with a flirty citrus fragrance that lasts all day long.
Schwarzkopf G2b Fresh It Up 200Ml Dry Shampoo
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Nice smell!
I use dry shampoo all the time but was first time I tried this. It took any grease off my hair and kept my hair feeling fresh. It has a nice smell to it. The only negative is the price!
Just didn't feel cleaner
Tried this but compared to my usual well known dry shampoo brand, this just didn't measure up, it didn't seem to make any difference to my hair after use, still felt and looked shiny and greasy...
Not a fan
I bought this because it was on offer but regret this now. I usually use Bastiste dry shampoo and will definitely be using theirs from now on. This product made my hair feel wiry and dry and left it with lots of white flecks in it and they were there no matter how many times I brushed my hair.
Great dry shampoo
I find this really good and have never had a problem with it thankfully . It’s only 2 pound as well!
Didn't like the smell
Overall, a good product does what it's supposed to. Hair is lovely and fresh however the smell is way to sweet.
Smells amazing
Absolutely love this dry shampoo. I've used lots of other brands but this is by far the best. It is not as chalky as the others I've used and it smells lovely!
Love myself some dry shampoo
I love dry shampoo and have tried various brands. You will be pleased to no this is most definitely not the worst you can have or anywhere near. Instead I'd say it is up the in the top 5 in all honesty. The smells on these are amazing and they dont leave a white trail in your hair that screams hey look I couldnt be bother to wash my hair so used dry shampoo instead. It does the job and makes your less greasy soft and more manageable. To get to the top getting it to add volume or hold out for a bit longer other than that there is nothing else I can think of to improve this and would recommend to others for the smell alone as it is so fresh nice and lasts
Super fresh
Was very sceptical about using any dry shampoo but I now i'm happy i gave it a try , my hair tends to get greasy very quick but a quick spray of this freshens my hair right up , it adds lots of volume and creates texture , if you don't have time to wash your hair everyday then this is perfect for you or even just to freshen it up after a long day and you still have places to be ,it has a great fresh scent
Really does Freshen it up!!
I absolutely love this brand of dry shampoo, I have used it for 4 weeks now and it leaves my hair refreshed for the day ahead. No white residue is left upon spraying. It allows me to skip hair washes and keeps my hair free from grease and looking and smelling fresh all day long.
Fresh hair
Great for inbetween washes ,my hair needs washing every single day and sometimes i just can't find the time , this really does the job and freshens it up ,it smells great and doesn't leave any white marks ,i find it lasts about 8 hours before my hair needs retouching.
Not good for me
I use a lot of dry shampoo as a preventative - I’m ‘blessed’ with very fine hair and oily skin so if I leave my hair down, it often looks limp and oily towards the end of the day where it’s been near my face and neck. I spray with a dry shampoo in the mornings to keep it looking a bit fresher. This product was not as effective as Batiste for me - I found that by the late afternoon hair still looked limp and a little oily (but not as much as without any dry shampoo). I also seemed to get through the can very quickly. The scent was fine; nothing special and not unlike others. It’s a cheaper alternative, but probably only suited hair needing a very light refresh.
Smells amazing
I purchased this because of the smell it is amazing but the added bonus is that is freshens your hair and I found it give my hair a lift.
Not quite there
I normally use everyone’s favorite dry shampoo brand (bastise), but I tried this as it was on offer. I felt it didn’t even touch my 1 day oil in my hair. I used so much and no matter how much I used nothing seemed to change. In the end it just seemed to make it damp. The 3 stars are purely for the scent. But it didn’t work for me
Not a very good Fresh It Up
I use dry shampoo a lots. This one I have to say did nothing much for my hair. it lest my hair feeling sticky and had not much of a bounce like to other dry shampoo I use most of the time. Thought I would give this a try out, not for me.
Preferred another brand
Not the best to be honest and wasn’t keen on the smell

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