4.2 5 0 52 52 Look fresh in no time! Refresh your style between washes in an instant with got2b Fresh it Up extra fresh dry shampoo. It quickly cleans & refreshes your hair, leaving it with a flirty citrus fragrance that lasts all day long.
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Not a very good Fresh It Up
I use dry shampoo a lots. This one I have to say did nothing much for my hair. it lest my hair feeling sticky and had not much of a bounce like to other dry shampoo I use most of the time. Thought I would give this a try out, not for me.
Preferred another brand
Not the best to be honest and wasn’t keen on the smell
Really nice
I received a small sample size of this with a shopping recently, it smells amazing and doesn't leave a residue on my hair like a lot of other dry shampoo does. My obly issue would be that I felt like i used much more of this for one application than I would with other brands. But again, that is only a small issue considering how well it worked at refreshing my hair.
Practically useless
It smells nice but makes little to no difference to your hair. Using this product made my hair smell good but didn't seem to make it feel much cleaner. My hair did look a little less shiny but it still felt dirty. It's okay in an emergency, but I needed to wash my hair the same day because it wasn't good enough. I wouldn't buy it again but I'll use what I have left if I need to.
I was expecting much more from this brand. It didn't really 'cleaned' my hair at all! It does smell good though.
Great fragrance, not so great for anything else!
I tried this product with high expectations, it smelt amazing but left my hair feeling very strange and looking ratty it didn’t really help to control my oily roots even though When using dry shampoo I wash my hair every other day and despite the label saying “no white residue” this product left me with much more residue than any other dry shampoo I’ve tried. I won’t be repurchasing this - however if they came up with a body spray in this fragrance I’d be all over it
It’s okay..
I found that this product didn’t work as well as some of the other dry shampoo brands I have tried. It didn’t seem to last very long before my hair was horrible again. It smells good though...
Quick and easy fix.
Perfect for leaving hair feeling and looking fresh. As a mum it's a fab quick fix.
My favourite dry shampoo
I am in love with this product! I have used it already for few months and I am on third bottle. Love how does it smell and doesn’t learnt hair greasy or with white patches or flakes. It smells like tropical paradise. Hair is soft and bouncy and this product is so easy to use
Bit to talc like
Not as good as other similar products. Left more residue on my scalp than other brands. Nice smell though and did the job.
Nearly hair
Doesn’t leave ur hair feeling fresh! Defo not as good as baptiste but alryt as a back up
Great dry shampoo
Love this Dry shampoo - I have tried so many different brands and only like 2 of them - this is one of the best there is - makes hair not look greasy for at least another day and smells great too
Made my life a breeze
I tried this recently due to suffering with fibromyalgia I find it extremely tiring to wash my hair so when I know it’s getting greasy I use dry shampoo I found this one to be good. And doesn’t leave you with white patches
I love that the fragrance of this is so fresh and it does not make your hair feel dry and it makes it feel clean and washed all over again.
Smells amazing
This product is incredible gets rid of grease without leaving hair looking white and seemed to add a bit of extra volume

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