4.1 5 0 72 72 Look fresh in no time! Refresh your style between washes in an instant with got2b Fresh it Up extra fresh dry shampoo. It quickly cleans & refreshes your hair, leaving it with a flirty citrus fragrance that lasts all day long.
Schwarzkopf G2b Fresh It Up 200Ml Dry Shampoo
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Didn't do anything?
I tried this a few years ago, it smells absolutely amazing however it left my hair feeling the exact same as it did before use. This product also left a lot of white marks in my hair. Don't really recommend.
This product smells lovely but shows up really white on dark hair so does take some effort to get rid of that appearance
Love it!
This is amazing! It really freshens up your hair without leaving a white film behind if you have dark hair! I love it, it doesn't smell too bad either. I would definitely recommend this for all hair colours!
Love this product
This dry shampoo is definitely a must have it definitely does exactly what it says aswell as adding volume to your hair.... Love the fragrance it leaves on your hair.... Its perfect to use in between washes to keep your hair looking and feeling fresh.... Definitely a must have product especially for a busy mum
fresh it up
I bought this in the sales its a good dry shampoo had a nice scent and helped my hair look less greasy but showed white in my hair but it soon faded when it was rubbed in properly.
Crisp, refreshing & light
Love this product, usually keep at least 2 bottles spare because I use this stuff so much! It leaves no residue, its fresh smelling and crisp leaving hair feeling clean! As a regular user of dry shampoo this is by far the best dry shampoo i have used.
Smell is the best ...
This has got to be right up there with the best dry shampoo I have tried!! I can’t fault this product at all! The ease of applying to the way it makes your hair feel in incredible! The smell is also the best it smells really fresh.
Smells gorgeous
This is a really good dry shampoo. It's not too heavy and chalky like some and it smells amazing!
One of the better ones
This is one of the better dry shampoos I have used. Smelt good and took away the grease and didn't leave my hair with white marks like some do. Shall buy again.
Not a fan
It left my hair looking dry and frizzy, maybe it’s because I have highlights
Compared to other brands the quality is better for the price. It leaves the hair fresh and with a nice smell but not for more than couple of hours. However it's not the right product for long hair.
Nice smell!
I use dry shampoo all the time but was first time I tried this. It took any grease off my hair and kept my hair feeling fresh. It has a nice smell to it. The only negative is the price!
Just didn't feel cleaner
Tried this but compared to my usual well known dry shampoo brand, this just didn't measure up, it didn't seem to make any difference to my hair after use, still felt and looked shiny and greasy...
Not a fan
I bought this because it was on offer but regret this now. I usually use Bastiste dry shampoo and will definitely be using theirs from now on. This product made my hair feel wiry and dry and left it with lots of white flecks in it and they were there no matter how many times I brushed my hair.
Great dry shampoo
I find this really good and have never had a problem with it thankfully . It’s only 2 pound as well!

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