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Seven Seas Perfect7 Prime Woman 50+ - 30 Capsules
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I have been using this supplement for a few months now and I do feel that I have more energy. My nails and hair also seem to be in better condition. Previously my nails were splitting and now they are much stronger.
how do we get to try and test stuff on here as I would love to try this product
I would love to try these, I suffer from extreme fatigue and osteoarthritis among other things, it would be interesting to see if these help
Not tried this but would love this try it out see what it’s like.
I have never seen 50 + codliver oil capsules and I have only tred the shops own brand before
hi I take various vitamins cod liver oil evening primrose oil and hands nails skin vitamins ,I would love to try theses see how good they are and of course all in one form ,these should be exceptional value as just one tablet take instead off numerous vitamins seperate love try these see benefits are
I take a variety of vitamins to support a woman of my age (60). These sound like a good combination and all in one capsule. Will be looking out for them.
my mum uses these and recommended by her care team, aka stroke team and doctors as shes not getting about much due to stroke. and ive noticed a change after a few weeks of using them.
I am a big fan of seven seas and have regularly used their products. Don't notice while using them but can tell the difference when I miss a couple of days.
I’d love to try this I’m only 48 but going through the menopause so I’m hoping these will help
I really need these please as would love to try them I am 52 years old and am in my menopause so any help would be great.#desperate .
Not tried this but would love this try it tout see what it’s like.

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