4.8 5 0 7 7 Taylor's Spice Co. Chicken Seasoning Grinder is now available. This non-irradiated product is said to be a delicious, all-round favourite, and is suitable for vegetarians. It contains no preservatives or additives, and retails in a 45g pack.
Taylor's Spice Co. Chicken Seasoning Grinder
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really nice
this is great for adding seasoning to your chicken like the fact that its easy to use give it a try yourself would recommend it really perks up your chicken and adds another level to your cooking
This is great for seasoning on chicken made it taste so amazing and loved how it looked give it a try would recommend
Great Seasoning
This is a really nice chicken seasoning that you could use for other meats as well as vegetables. The flavour is really good and makes the chicken taste so good. There is a great amount in the jar and the price is decent.
its great
people you must try,i used this many of times and it realy does enhance the flavor of any chicken meals you do
A lot of chicken eaten round here would love to try this product thanks
I want to use this product, please give me trial sample
I have not tried it yet my it is nicefor chicken it looks ok

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