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Tyrrell's Raspberry Bellini Crisps
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Too acidic
I really looked forward to having these as part of new users eve party however I was quite disappointed and unable to est as felt yheh tasted very acidic. Would not buy again
Sweet but acidic too
I tried these when they were on offer after Christmas. I love raspberry so thought these would be nice. I found them sweet but also acidic at the same time and not very pleasant. I thought they would be similar to a berry and prosecco flavour I've tried from a different brand which was really nice. I wouldn't buy these again.
Sweet and sour?
Unique taste I haven't encountered before. Slightly sweet but also a slight acidic taste to them too, a little like balsamic vinegar. Not really any raspberry flavour in my opinion however they still taste nice. I would buy these again if they become available in the future.
Unusual but strangely nice!
I got these as they were on offer after Christmas. The flavour was quite sweet which is unusual for crisps..but I found the perfect partner, my Wendsleydale cheese with spiced fruits! The cheese was sweet and matched the Tyrrell's Rasberry Bellin crisps really well. Not something I would have on a regular basis but nice for a party or nibbles with friends.
Great enjoyed
Tried first time with friends bought 6 packs watch movie and we all wished we had bought more finished half way through movie paused movie went out bought more enjoyed by all
Strange flavour which I couldn’t put my finger on. I wouldn’t try these again
nice taste, crusty , lees in packaging
i tried the product really nice to taste, but less than a pack of crisps .

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