4.7 5 0 72 72 More is More. Whoever said "Size Matters" must have been talking about Walkers Max. Every thick cut potato slice delivers a seriously deep ridged taste in every bite. No MSG, No preservatives, No artificial colours, Suitable for vegetarians
Walkers Max Flame Grilled Steak Crisps
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Nice crisps but have a tendency to repeat, not an awful experience mind!
Taking Crisps to a New Level
Walkers Max Flame Grilled Steak Crisps - This is taking crisps to a new level. Deep ridges. Really crisp (no pun intended). Full of flavour. Packets full of whole crisps - rather than some varieties where you open a packet and at least half are just bits! Great crunch. These are now my favourite crisps.
Lots of flavour
I love these, really strong flavour and a nice crunch!
Very crunchy crisps with deep ridges that harbour the flavour. Guaranteed you'll be back for more!
Absolutely love these. Flavour is strong. Definitely recommend
My son liked these crisps, bags are a good size and flavour is great!
Lots of flavour and a nice filling snack. Great amount of crisps inside the bag and have a nice crunchy texture.
So yummy and crunchy so I would buy these again.Big hit in our house would recommend.
These are my absolute favourite crisps. They have a great strong taste, I love the ridges. I love to suck on crisps (yes I'm one of them lol) and these are great for that. Totally full of flavour.
I love the texture and crunch of these, but the flavour is a little sickly for me. I'd love to try other flavours as they really do pack a punch due to the ridges. Perfect for you if you like a lot of flavour and big crunch.
These tasted lovely, they had a great texture and flavour, such a shame that the packet size is so small!
Love these, it's like someone took a juicy steak and let the juices seep into potatoes before they made them into crisps.
Bursting with flavour lovely crunchy crisps that taste delicious
Great texture crisps and love the taste and just the right size of crisp
Nice crunchy crisp. Not keen on the steak flavour, but that’s just personal taste. Don’t like it much because it’s so strong. A good crisp overall.

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