4.5 5 0 116 116 AXE Excite Body Wash for men features a woody fragrance with a blend of coconut, hazelnut, and caramel scents. The rich lather and invigorating fragrance take your shower to the next level. To stay confident all day long, you can combine AXE Excite Body Wash with other AXE Excite products, including daily fragrance, deodorant stick or antiperspirant stick.
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I have bought several of the Axe body washes and shower gels for my husband and sons. They are now their preferred body product. There are a variety of scents, and when you can get a boxed set it is so very nice. I will continue to buy Axe products for them.
I love the smell of Axe! 2 of my 3 sons use it all the time.
My teenage grandson loves this! He loves all Axe products! He's just starting to like girls and wants to smell good. Where did my grandson go?? LOL The only thing my daughter says is he tends to use too much. She's trying to teach him a little goes a long way. LOL
I buy this mostly for my boys and they love it. I love the smell! And I know they have showered because they smell good!.
My husband and boys use this and they love it. It isn't surprising tho bc they love ALL Axe products!
lathers well, my significant other loves the way his skin smells after use and I love his smell. Love all axe products and am always glad to try the diff fragrances
I buy various scented ones when I find them on sale for my hubby. He says it /they rinse well, and smell clean!
I have not tried this but my roommate has. He loves it. I like it also because after he takes a shower the whole house smells good. It is not too sweet or over powering. Makes the house smell like I am in the woods. I have a 2100 square ft. home and I can still smell it for several hours.
Mis hijos lo usan y les gusta mucho y siempre trato de tenerles porque es el que más les gusta y el aroma es exelente
I bought for my friend and he loves it, smells so down to earth.
This product is great it makes my husband feel really clean after his shower and I love the smell
You would never leave home without using this anymore. Feels fresh and clean.
My fiancee obsessed with this product. He really loves it!!! I enjoyed evey time he wears it.
Love the way my husband and son smell when using this
My husband love axe body wash. Uses it everyday. He especially loves this scent.

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