DR. SQUATCH Men’s Natural Deodorant - Fresh Falls - 2.65oz

4.8 5 0 80 80 Dr. Squatch natural men’s deodorant keeps you fresh so that you can go about your day with confidence, no matter where it takes you. Our Odor-Squatching® system fights potential sources of B.O from every angle with powerful natural deodorizers such as charcoal powder to block odor, probiotics help to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture.
DR. SQUATCH Men’s Natural Deodorant - Fresh Falls - 2.65oz


Ok so I was running late and forgot deodorant, my son left his in the car so I did what I did, no regrets. Lasted all day, smelled amazing! Highly recommend
I had tried many different deodorants before I landed on this one. Dr. Squatch deodorant is the best when it comes to scent and performance. It keeps me smelling good throughout the day and even through my night shift job! HIGHLY recommended
Great Product
This deodorant smells great and works really well, very happy with it!
Amazing for skin
Its natural ingredients give me confidence knowing I'm not exposing my skin to harsh chemicals. The Fresh Falls scent is invigorating, with hints of crisp pine and subtle citrus notes that keep me feeling fresh throughout the day. Its long-lasting formula effectively combats odor without leaving any residue or irritation.
Dr. Squatch
Dr. Squatch odor squatching deodorant is my husband's go-to brand. The commercials are very funny and the product is really great. My husband love's how his skin responds to the products and I love how great he smells when he uses them.
Smells soooo good
I bought this product for my teenager son and he loves it. It smells so good it's like he is wearing a natural cologne.
Dr Squatch
My son's love all their products. All natural scent , and smells so good. Love it
Great product
I love this brand in general. I love the all natural products they make . This is my go to brand for my husband and he loves them. Great scents to choose from (this one is amazing) plus it has no aluminum (so it won't clog your skin) it's the best product out there for deodorant, itsamazing
Long lasting
This Dr. Squatchs long lasting deodorant is by far the best out there. As a working man who has tried just about every deodorant out there, this is my go to choice. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a clean, long lasting deodorant.
Husband and nephews go to deodorant
My husband and nephew both use this brand and scent. It’s aluminum free so my husband doesn’t get rashes the way he does with others. All of the Dr scents are amazing. Not even just this one! It’s also worth trying their other products as well!
It’s a favorite
This is my husbands new favorite brand for deodorant, it works for him all day!
Nice smelling
Always prefer this brand for aluminum free deodorant. Really nice smell and lasts long
I lOVE THIS DEODORANT! My son's and I have had the worst time finding deodorants that last all day and aren't to strong nor too weak, and deodorant that doesn't make armpits itch. And THIS IS IT! I will NOT use another brand at all.
Smells amazing
It smells just like its name my brother and my sister loved it and, it’s amazing for any age and any gender, it’s also long lasting and doesn’t leave streaks I would definitely buy again.
Great for men and women
my boyfriend loves Dr Squatch and it smells very good and has actual natural ingredients but not on the cheap side if you're looking for something that isn't expensive

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