Baxter of California Deodorant

4.6 5 0 24 24 Do you know what’s in your deodorant? Baxter of California’s Deodorant is aluminum-free and contains no alcohol, which means it won’t dry out your skin. Instead of using harsh and harmful chemicals to combat body odor, this product has natural extracts that condition your skin while destroying odor-causing bacteria.
Baxter of California Deodorant


Fancy product!
This was something that was a bit more luxurious then I was use to. I ended up not liking it due to the overwhelming aroma. Something about it left my under arms feeling tight. When I went to wash them they felt grainy.
Works great
I, really liked this deodorant except for the size. I felt like I went through it really quickly and for the price it didn't seem worth it. It did smell great and work great..
Smells Amazing!
Absolutely love the smell, my husband loves the deodorant and he's a construction worker! Even as a female when I've had to use it, it still gives a clean fresh smell and feel. Highly recommend!
Smells great, but I had an allergy…
Loved the smell of this and wanted it to work out! But after a couple of uses I got a pretty bad skin allergy to the product. Not sure what ingredient was the problem, but it didn’t work out for me sadly.
Decent but expensive
I like this deodorant. It works well and smells great. The tube is pretty small and it’s fairly expensive, so while I’ve bought it a few times, I haven’t bought it in a minute. It’s overall great and I do recommend though.
Good for occupational use
This is a good, natural deodorant. Having said that, if you do not already know, it's worth it to point out...this is a deodorant. Not an antiperspirant. It works to make you smell better, not to prevent sweating. Now, I've done a lot of research in this area, so I can tell you this: even a good deodorant will not work for very long unless it has properties to prevent the bacteria that develop from sweat from doing their thing. That's where this particular deodorant is. It smells nice, feels nice, and wears nice. But, for me, at least, this is only good for a few hours. Once I sweat, shortly after, there's still a bit of a smell. I've found deodorants that have properties that inhibit bacteria from thriving and spreading. These work much better for this reason. Baxter is still a good option if I'm just running out somewhere. Or I keep on in my gym bag for the quick after-shower application in the evening that works just fine for getting me home and perhaps run an errand.
Excellent Deoderant
I love this deodorant. My partner has used this for years and I borrowed it all the time. Now I buy it for myself and love it. Lasts long. Not strong scent but maintains its smell. Sturdy container- helpful for travel.
Good, for a natural deodorant
It's good...for a natural deodorant. Doesn't sting or irritate my husband's sensitive skin. It keeps odor at bay for several hours, but unfortunately he needed to constantly reapply because it didn't last very long.
Natural deodorant
I only use natural deodorant for my skin. Recently switched to Baxter of California after using Toms of Maine for a long time. Baxter of California is a great brand, no Aluminum or other nasty chemicals and has a fresh, clean scent. I would continue using it
Subtle Freshness, Lasting Comfort
The scent is fresh, invigorating, yet subtle, never overpowering. I've noticed a significant improvement in comfort, with no irritation even after long days. Plus, it's long-lasting, easily taking me from morning to night with confidence.
Decent product
I like that it's aluminum free. Scent is decent, if a little masculine. Works well but need to reapply by the end of day. I'd get it on a regular basis if the price point was lower.
Works great
Baxter of California absolutely does what it claims. I really want to point out the moisturizing properties because this is so important. While keeping your underarms free of odor causing bacteria it nourishes the skin, keeping it smooth and a “prettier” appearance. Saying goodbye to harsh chemicals is the way to go. Go natural without smelling “natural”. Welcome nature into your scent catalogue.
I recently picked up the Baxter of California Deodorant and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed! The scent is fresh and clean without being overpowering, and it keeps me smelling great all day long. I appreciate that the formula doesn't leave any residue or stickiness on my skin, and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin like some other deodorants I've tried. Plus, the sleek packaging looks great on my bathroom counter. Overall, I highly recommend the Baxter of California Deodorant to anyone looking for a reliable and effective deodorant that also feels great to use
Baxter of California Deodorant
I having been using natural deodorants for a few years and I have never found one that was perfect, until I started using this one. Compared to other high-end deodorants this one wins hands down. It goes on clear, doesn’t show up on clothes, smells good, and lasts for hours.
Comfortably wear this deodorant.
It’ll have you smelling great for hours on end, And best of all it doesn’t stick, I use it everyday. I usually sweat alot but with the Baxter Deodorant It really minimizes that and has me smelling great throughout the day.

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